I got home from a lunch today to find a notice in my mailbox (the analogue one) from the post office. A parcel to collect. So I walked down to pick it up, thinking it might *finally* be my copy of Leopard from Apple (nope), and what I received was a package wrapped up in plain brown paper and string, with no details of the sender. I opened it up walking back down the street to find… this:

my strange gift - front

“Okay….”, I’m thinking, “I’m *finally* famous enough that people are sending me anonymous porn. I don’t remember *this* being in my Amazon wishlist… what a bitch it’s VHS… I’ll have to borrow the kids’ old VHS player and move it into my “special place”.”

I turn it over and see more of the same:

My Strange Gift back view

I opened it up and got this:

my strange gift - open

A close-up will show you what it actually is:

my strange gift close up

I think it’s from my friends at Paramount. Nice packaging! Certainly amused the hell outta me.