Ahhh… I cracked open a cleanskin Moleskine last night and have spent some time today wondering how I might hack it.

I tell ya, I don’t know what I did without Moleskines for so long. There is something mystical, magical, intoxicating about them. I swear I get almost as much joy out of cracking open a cleanskin Moleskine as I do turning on a new PC for the first time. There is a sense of exploration, of new beginnings, of promises, boy’s own adventure about it, that I find myself putting the moment off, not sure that I’m truly ready for the responsibility…

This new one is purely for me to write down my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, revelations – no tasks, no productivity stuff, no goals – just to contemplate, ponder, poke at the hidden meanings of my internal monologue.

Via PigPog I discovered my latest hack from moleskinerie – using Excel to create a page index which gets pasted into the first four pages of the new book.

Here’s the one I have put together:
moleskine index
(click on the image to download my Excel template for free!)

It’s set up for 200 pages which accommodates the 192-page ruled notebooks with the pocket, not the tiny form factor (I’ve got a couple of those but struggle to write small enough in them to make them useful).

I simply print it out, slice it up into four separate pages that get glued (using 3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive) into pages 2 – 5 of the new book. I actually like to leave page one completely blank. In the index I can keep a note of the topics I’m writing about in the book for fast future reference.

I also recently learned to keep a page-sized piece of blotter paper in between the current page I’m up to, to stop ink blots appearing on pages from when I shut the page before the ink from my uni-ball eye pen has completely dried. I’m using paper from an art book which I find does a good job and has a nice rough feel to it. I used just a cut-down piece of printer paper before that though, which worked just as well but didn’t have the same tactile texture to it. I’m a very tactile kind of guy. I like to touch. 🙂

Anybody else want to share with me their current favourite Moleskine hacks?