The podcasts just keep on coming this week…

The short “ambush” podcasts are quite fun (and easy to do) so Cameron and I have been doing a few of them. We don’t want to overburden you guys with having to listen to us too much (yeah yeah…i know bandwidth ain’t cheap in Australia and a lot of other countries), but we are having an absolute blast doing the “G’day World” podcasts and love all the feedback we have been getting. So for the moment…you will just have to put up with us posting material in a pretty steady stream…well…it might slow down over xmas but it isn’t looking like it. 🙂

In this episode of “On the Pod” we ambush and have a chat with our mate Angus Logan. Angus is a Microsoft Content Management Server / SharePoint Technologies developer and a resident of Brisbane (or that little area near Brisbane we like to call Brisvegas actually). Brisbane is the capital of the sunny northern Australian state of Queensland, where as the TV ad used to try and convince us…”its beautiful one day. . .perfect the next “.

Listen in as Angus puts us on pause (hmmm) and talks about the “The seven habits of successful retards” amongst other things.

<shh>it looks like we may have a special guest on very very soon…thanx Buzz</shh>