Time to get a few more Australians on the show….so we got in touch with Des and said..”Des..how about it??”…and he gave us the thumbs up.

Des Paroz has been working over at Acer Compters for nearly seven years.Whats he do?? Well…he looks after all of their e-commerce activities and IT Operations at the moment but has been involved in all sorts of things during his time at Acer. Check out his bio page for the details.

We talk about Media Centers and are they a central device or a peripheral device, how he got into computers and marketing from doing economics at university, his time at NCR in Japan, Australia and the US, his work with web based travel systems and Galileo, his thoughts on blogs, how they deal with channel partners at ACER, the NOFOLLOW tag, the ACER model of business and how it differs from the Dell model, what are ACER’s goals in Australia, his thoughts on TabletPC’s, podcasting and finally we briefly touch on scuba diving…yep…we cover a lot… 🙂

Thnx for your time Des…