Welcome to the 30th episode of “On the Pod”.

In this show, we switch roles and we interview the interviewer. Thats right, your intrepid G’day World hosts switch shoes and interview a journalist.

“Which Journalist would be crazy enough to sit down with us for close to an hour” do i hear you say?? Well, none other than Heather Green from BusinessWeek.

“Heather Green, a department editor for Business Week, writes and edits stories about digital media, the wireless Internet, and consumer gizmos. She joined the magazine in November 1997 and is based in New York. Prior to Business Week, Green worked for three years at Bloomberg News, where she established the Internet beat. Before getting a real job, she lived in Paris, earning a graduate degree at Sciences Po”

Join us as we chat with Heather about the state of jounalism, the impact of blogging and podcasting and just stuff in general.

On top of her normal journalistic work, Heather also now writes on Blogspotting which is the BusinessWeek Blog.