This 34 minute edition of “On the Pod”, and our first show to go live in 2005 (even thogh it was recorded on 22nd December 2004), sees us have a chat with James Boyle, the William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law and Faculty Co-Director of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School in North Carolina in the USA.

James is not only one of the worlds leading experts on Intellectual Property (IP) Law and the digital commons but he is also one of the founders of the “Creative Commons” movement and one of the main instigators behind the “Science Commons”.

Tune in as he takes us through the impact of IP law on digital content from music through to DNA and the human genome. He even gives us his five year outlook and predications on the future of copyright, users access rights to content and the P2P space.

Note: Over the next week we will be posting up some amazing interviews…so stay tuned and have a great start to 2k5 everybody…may all your wishes and dreams come true…