This is a podcast we have been trying to do for quite a while…listen in to this “On the Pod” episode and hear us interview the busiest little blogger around and a man that does a hell of a lot for the business blogging “cause”…Jeremy Wright.

Jeremy is the guy that sold his blog,, for cash “ages ago”, he put his blogging services and knowledge up for auction at eBay, he started Inside Blogging, one of the first blogging consultancy companies around with Darren Barefoot, he set up the Business Blogging Awards (with Darren), he is involved in a few books being published and…he lost his job because of his blogging…to name a few things.

We cover all of this stuff in this interview and we go into quite a bit of detail about a lot of stuff including his sacking. If your a fan of Jeremy’s…don’t miss this opportunity to hear him chat to us for nearly an hour.