In this, the 15th “On the Pod” interview, we chat with Marc Orchant. Marc is the blogger behind some of the best blogs on the topics of Office (at Office Zealot and Weblogs Inc), personal productivity and TabletPC’s.

Marc talks to us about how he went from writing for Office Zealot to writing for Weblogs Inc…what he does in his role as Chief Story Teller at VanDyke Software…we have a great chat about Tablet PC’s and his favourite Tablet enabled applications…we touch on his Moleskine journals/notebooks habit…search tools get our attention…and we finally wrap the show up talking about Microsoft Office.

We also added a piece to the end of the original interview which we recorded a week after the initial interview and we talk about Marc’s involvement in The More Space Project.

Thnx for your time Marc…we have to do it again some time as I think you enough to talk about to fill up episodes 2, 3 and 4 of an ongoing interview series.. 🙂