Listen in as Cameron and I (the “I” i am referring to would be me…Mick 🙂 have a chat with the famous female German blogger and podcaster…Nicole Simon.

Nicole talks to us about writing a blog and making a podcast in both German and English and what sort of material is available in both of these mediums in Germany and the EU. We also talk with her about what its like being a female podcaster, whats a good length for podcasts, the iPod Squish and the Apple community, the German response to the Prince Harry dress-up party photos, the pubsub linkrank of royalty and a host of other things.

Oh yeah.. i nearly forgot…I also get ganged up on by both Cameron and Nicole…hmmm…get over it guys…i am the “code monkey” (in Cameron’s own words) and therefore i control the vertical, the horizontal and the bandwidth 😉

We do apologise for the quality of the show as it occasionally drops in and out…the Skype traffic that day was pretty high… 🙁