On May 11th I had the opportunity to interview Senator Andrew Bartlett, Deputy Leader of the Australian Democrats, about the Federal Budget. My goal with this show wasn’t to provide cutting edge political commentary – because I can’t. That’s wayyy out of my league (and I’m sure you’d all agree).

The idea with this chat was to get one of Australia’s most experienced political leaders (Senator Bartlett was the leader of the Democrats for several years and has been a Senator since 1997) to help me get my head around whether or not this budget was good, bad or ugly and why. Is Treasurer Peter Costello really the Aussie equivalent of Senator Palpatine? Or is he Yoda? Is he doing a good job or is he screwing up our fine country? And why the hell do they have to carry on with all that schtick in Parliament?

Find out in this casual chat with a polly.

Senator Andrew Bartlett