I was chatting with someone yesterday over coffee about TPN and trying to monetize it, and I mentioned that we have about 250,000 listeners. He said that’s about the same circulation as The Age gets for their weekend edition in Melbourne. He explained that, although they claim a readership of 1,000,000, that’s based on the presumption that four people read every copy of the paper that is actually bought. I’d love to pull that one with TPN… surely you guys are sharing around the podcasts you download, right?

Anyway, he made the point that an ad on the front page of The Weekend Age, sells for something like $50,000. Now I just need to figure out how to find advertisers that want to reach our international audience of early technology adopters, bloggers and podcasters.

I’ve been thinking lately that the ideal "network" advertiser for TPN would be one of these Silicon Valley Web2.0 start-ups that raise a bunch of cash from some Sandhill Road VC. Surely they have "marketing" against a column in their budget. What are they going to spend it on, Superbowl Ads? Not in 2006. We have the audience they want to get to. I need someone to be reading TechCrunch and hitting everyone of them when they pop up.