Rolf Harris, the 5th Beatle

Club Troppo does the world a great service by bring us this:

“Rolf Harris with The Beatles – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.mp3″ here

With completely customized lyrics including:

"Cut yer hair once a year boys"

"Don’t ill-treat me pet dingo, Ringo"

"George’s guitar is on the blink, I think"

"Prop my up by the wall, Paul"

"Keep the hits coming on, John"

Truly, a masterpiece of history.

2 thoughts on “Rolf Harris, the 5th Beatle

  1. David Berger says:

    Does anybody out there remember when Rolf Harris came to Vancouver, Canada, and sang “Vancouver Town” circa 1971?

  2. Roland Morrison says:

    Yes, I remember Rolf at The Cave and Isy’s singing and painting. He was a riot doing his Jake The Peg song and dance with the third leg. It was hard to tell what were the real two legs. I was 28 years young in 1971 and hung out in the clubs “Baceda’s, Purple Steer with Howie Vickers and Buddy Knox, The Cave. Great times in Vancouver in the 60’s and 70’s.

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