The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age re-ran Andrew Bock’s article on podcasting which first appeared on December 20, 2007 only this time they used a photo of me they took in February 2005 (!). This is the same article I complained about here because I felt it was, deliberately or not, unbalanced. Still – I won’t deny it’s always strangely exciting to see a photo of yourself in the mainstream press. It’s happened to me a lot over the last few years but I still get a thrill out of it, even though logically I’m aware that it means little. TPN’s traffic won’t significantly increase. No worthy investors will ring me up. Old colleagues and bosses who used to give me a hard time probably won’t see it and squirm. I did like Mick Liubinskas’ analysis of the photo though:

        Analyse the Pic;

  1. He’s wearing glasses – He’s hip!
  2. He’s wearing a suit – He’s professional.
  3. He’s surrounded by books – He’s smart.
  4. He’s leaning on a laptop – He knows tech, but he runs it, it doesn’t run him.

Very insightful, Mick. I pointed out to him that Fairfax took this photo back in Feb 05 when we were just getting started. I remember the sunnies were sitting on a coffee table and the photographer said “Are those yours? Put them on.” Greatest piece of advice I ever got from a photographer. 🙂

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