Smiley face in the night sky? Proof that God exists?

Smiley face 7

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I had no idea this was happening tonight, but when I looked up and saw this smiley face I was BLOWN AWAY. Apparently, we’re seeing Venus, Jupiter and a thin three-day-old crescent moon. What the photo doesn’t show, though, is how amazingly bright all three appear against the stars in the sky. Venus and Jupiter look so bright, you’d almost think they are about to land on you. Is this Jesus looking down on me? Have I been wrong all along???

More of my photos here.

Daniel Bowen in Melbourne got a great shot.

fatalie shows us what we’re looking at.

6 thoughts on “Smiley face in the night sky? Proof that God exists?

  1. Yeah…I had a really good view of it from my place when I got home Monday night after I’d been to visit your Great Aunt Rose. I didn’t think to take a picture; just stood there and admired it in wonder for a while. It was so BRIGHT!

  2. “Is this Jesus looking down on me?” … you crack me up Cam. How’s the drive going, because y’know i ain’t gonna be happy if tpn goes down.

    I saw this formation after coming out from seeing Burn After Reading (best movie I’ve seen recently) and I was actually on my first “date” with my new boyfriend, we then went down to the beach at night and made out under that image.

    And that was the only reason it was there for : )

  3. Hey Marcelo, I’m surprised your didn’t get struck by lightening for having gay sex while Jesus was looking. I can’t wait to see Burn myself, I love the Coens. The pledge drive is actually going great, I’m really pleased. I’m going to write a blog post about it tonight. We’ve raised enough to pay for the servers this month, which is a great start.

  4. lol… Jesus must be Gay then, I mean, look at all the pictures of Jesus. Blue eye’d, long flowing hair, totally buff… always with his shirt of… Jesus was a Gay flamboyant slut

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