In the comments section to my 2Clix post, someone going by the name of “Stan Doverman” criticized my advice to 2Clix and then, when I asked him to demonstrate his mental acuity and explain where my advice was so misguided, Stan, following in the long tradition of people without anything to contribute, could only flail around and attempt to insult me personally.

Why, Stan Doverman, didn’t you explain where I went so wrong?

Why, Stan Doverman, didn’t you contribute to the conversation, instead of just lapsing into childish insults?

Why, Stan Doverman, weren’t you able to back up your assertions with ideas, advice, suggestions instead of opprobrium?

If you want to participate in the conversation, Stan Doverman, come prepared next time with more than invective. You are always welcome. I don’t mind intelligent criticism. I laugh, however, at mindless abuse. It’s pathetic.