From the “When You Can’t Even Trust Your Friends” department:

A boast by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that he persuaded President Bush to reverse a U.S. vote on a Gaza cease-fire at the United Nations is “just 100% totally completely not true,” the State Department declared Tuesday.

(from the LA Times – are they still running?)

So – one of them is lying.

You have to wonder – what incentive would Olmert have to lie about such a thing? To make it sound like he has pull with an out-going US President? What’s the point of that? Especially when his phone call didn’t stop the vote passing.

But if you ask yourself what incentive the USA would have for lying – that’s much easier to comprehend. They don’t want it to seem like the US President takes orders from Israel.

The LA Times story also says that diplomats from around the world were sure the vote was going to be unanimous minutes before it happened, so it seems obvious that the US State Dept is lying through their teeth.

What do you think?

(Update: Beyond The Fringe has a great and detailed analysis here.)