I had the pleasure this morning of being a guest on a pilot for a new TV show on the ABC. The hosts are Red Symons and Nathan Cochrane. It was good to finally meet Nathan in person because we have some friends in common and he’s part of the Fairfax IT mafia. It was also great to meet Red, as I’ve been a fan of his since I was a kid. For those of you who live outside Australia (or too young to remember), Red is (according to his Wikipedia profile)  "probably best known as lead guitarist with the (chart-topping 70’s Australian band) Skyhooks and as the snide judge of "Red Faces", a The Gong Show-esque segment of the long-running Hey Hey It’s Saturday variety television show. He currently hosts 774 ABC Melbourne‘s breakfast show."

One thing I learned today is that he likes to spend his off-time geeking around with video editing tools and his particular thing is to take video footage of speeches from politicians and mash them up into a song. He showed me one today featuring George Bush which was brilliant, lots of 3D rendering, just amazing. And here’s an earlier one he did featuring Australian Prime Minister John "I never made that deal" Howard called "Trust". Check it out, I think it’s cutting edge stuff!