I’ve been using iArt for a few months to get missing mp3 art. But I have found something better. Dave and Knightwise talked about it on Global Geek Podcast #30. It’s called TuneSleeve and I’ll tell you a few of the reasons why I like it.

1. It has an option to delete the current art and replace it with new art – this is important because iTunes has been flaking out on the art side of things for the last couple of revs and my art is more screwed up than a Muslim working in the White House.

2. Even while it is download art automatically, it shows you the art is has pulled up for each album as well as any art that it couldn’t find (because, for example, your tags aren’t complete). But this is the coolest bit – it has a little search tool built into each missing art box. You can click on that and it will automatically bring up a search page with a list of artwork options. You can drag the one you want into TuneSleeve and it attaches it! Very slick.

For bringing me this piece of album art goodness, I am declaring The Global Geek Podcast my random feed of the day.