Urgent TPN Funding Crisis

Dear friends,

I’ve just been hit with a large hosting bill for TPN’s servers and bandwidth and unfortunately I don’t have the funds to cover it this month. So I have set up a special fund raising exercise via ChipIn which will run for this week. Out of TPN’s hundreds of thousands of listeners, I’m hoping a few hundred will be able to chip in $10 to help us stay on the air. Please click on the widget below if you’re willing to help out.


11 thoughts on “Urgent TPN Funding Crisis

  1. Dude, we have had our differences over the year, and to be honest the only show I still listen too is Father Bob, but it would be sad to see TPN go under. I have chucked in a ten’er. Not a lot but hope it helps!

  2. Chipping in… but interested to know (in broad terms at least) what your plan is going forward.

    For video, an easy option is off-loading the hosting onto Youtube or similar. I guess it’s a bit harder with audio, particularly when you want to maintain control over the content.

  3. Thanks Daniel, appreciate your support. Plan moving forwards has two branches. In one branch, some of the consulting gigs I’ve been working on come together in the next few weeks and I use the cashflow from those to support TPN, as I have been doing for the last year, until the market for podcast advertising improves. The second branch involves shutting TPN down as an entity and migrating our shows over to other hosting services such as libsyn which the hosts can manage individually.

  4. Cameron:
    Chipped in too. Times are tough now, I know, but remember that there are many, many of us out there that really appreciate and enjoy what you do. Keep following that dream!
    And all you listeners out there, chip in, just a bit, come on folks!

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