What Twitter Had To Say About The Eclipse

Via Terraminds, here is a random selection of responses to the eclipse from Twitter tonight:

jimmykramer Wondering why i watched the eclipse. less than one minute ago
taterunino @Mercy I’ve never seen an eclipse. less than one minute ago
steakknives Watching the lunar eclipse. less than one minute ago
ihavecooties A lot of stars look red tonight. Is that an eclipse thing, or have I just not been paying attention? 1 minute ago
Peachiemoon watching lunar eclipse! ^_^* 1 minute ago
nungana is observing a lunar eclipse. 1 minute ago
tow314 just looked at the lunar eclipse 1 minute ago
muffuletta Observando el eclipse lunar. 1 minute ago
benbarren more people on mordy pier as i run out day as they look 4 eclipse if the ‘eart 2 minutes ago
melissaox I can see the lunar eclipse on my way to work. 🙂 2 minutes ago
thetappingman Trying to watch moon eclipse http://www.abc.net.au/science/features/lunaeclipse2007/mooncam.html 3 minutes ago
RobinInSeoul Did anyone actually see the eclipse? Too cloudy/smoggy to see anything here. 3 minutes ago
Chuckumentary Too stormy too see the lunar eclipse in MN. 3 minutes ago
starlajo went out to look at the eclipse. it looked rad, but outside was freeeeeeezing and then it clouded over. 4 minutes ago
mjollnir Post eclipse wine at sweet mother’s kitchen…. [tiny twitter] 4 minutes ago
Kitta Telling the clouds to go away so I can see the eclipse. 4 minutes ago
mightymur insomnia again. But if I’d remembered the eclipse, I would have gotten up instead of staying in bed trying in vain to sleep. blast. 4 minutes ago
VBrown Done for the night. Gotta get some sleep for work tomorrow. Was a beautiful lunar eclipse. Just wish the sky was a little less cloudy. 5 minutes ago
skytrystsjoy @jhando what lunar eclipse? I can hardly even see the moon it’s sort of red and blotchy 5 minutes ago
isiscolo Totality, yay, and then a big cloud crept across the sky. So much for the rest of the eclipse. I need to sleep more, anyway. 5 minutes ago
emp Jumping out of bed for a bit to watch the eclipse. Opening a Pellegrino and texting sweet nothings to all my remote honeys. I’m romantic … 7 minutes ago
KenyB Got to see the lunar eclipse and it wasn’t freezing cold out! ^^ 7 minutes ago
orbis_quintus lunar eclipse not the most spectacular i’ve seen, but the sky was exceptionally clear to view stars themselves. Five falling stars too. 8 minutes ago
Jakeness Watching the lunar eclipse! The moon is red! 9 minutes ago
Mercy It’s a beautiful eclipse. Glad you’re all here to share it with me, even those of you who can’t see it. 9 minutes ago
prat The eclipse is now total. The moon is red! 9 minutes ago
Allanahk I posted a better photo with the red colours showing now the eclipse is in full swing. 9 minutes ago
pdow didn’t think i’d be awake, didn’t think the fog would let diana through; total eclipse over san francisco, ruddy moon. 10 minutes ago
karlbright Eclipse ftw! 11 minutes ago
copano Llegue a la radio. Me saludo Filito. Hay Eclipse de luna. Transmiten 3×3 11 minutes ago
silvergull Lunar eclipse = Wow! 12 minutes ago
rberger Total Lunar eclipse over Silicon Valley. The Moon as a smouldering bal of fire 12 minutes ago
R2C13 Taking pics of the eclipse. Hot, muggy and texas sized mosquitos attacking me. Oh, and I suck at night photography. Why am I doing this 12 minutes ago
wildriverblum watching the total eclipse of the moon…spectacular 13 minutes ago
l0k1 watching lunar eclipse 13 minutes ago
onebortup Lunar eclipse is startling … Walked down the street, looked up, gasped. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen. 13 minutes ago
Apollia Ongoing lunar eclipse will be astrologically exact at 6:35 AM EDT, according to freeware Astrolog 5.40. http://astrolog.org/ 13 minutes ago
JVB Me and my wife just saw our first Lunar Eclipse. Pretty flocking awesome. 13 minutes ago
CyprianoHawaii Lunar eclipse! The clouds moved far away-the eclipse is in totality! The stars are really visible now, unlike before the eclipse. Way cool! 14 minutes ago
mollydotcom hope someone eclipse watching has a really good camera. Out of umbra and headed toward totality. Dark, with an amazing orange glow 14 minutes ago
bbqmag full lunar eclipse: a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball. 14 minutes ago
JaceFuse Why is it that so many came to me this morning to confirm that there is supposed to be an eclipse? Yes, I scheduled it. 15 minutes ago
CyprianoHawaii Lunar eclipse!T he clouds moved far away- the eclipse is in totality! The stars are really visible now, unlike before the eclipse. Way cool! 15 minutes ago
TheCosmicJester Swimming by the light of a total eclipse 15 minutes ago

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