So far I’ve had about 94 responses to the TPN survey I put up last week. Any suggestions why the responses are so low and what I can do to get more?

Oh and to the person who answered the last question with "See, this is why I have trouble with TPN. I was happy to help you out by filling out a survey, but now you are wasting my time", I’d say "GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR". Jesus. Mind you, this person isn’t subscribed to any TPN podcasts, so I guess he/she isn’t our target market which is obvious anyway from that answer. Bloody hell.

For those of you WITH a sense of perspective about how important you are, you might be interested to know that 79.5% of responses were for The Beatles (which means I have to get rid of the sunnies and get a long wig), 72.7% are worried about climate change, 72.4% think the "War On Terror" is a shame, and only 36.8% of you have offered me a spare bed. Can those people please email me with their location because I might need it soon. Especially if you live in LA or San Fran.

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