Why Clare Werbeloff is a genius.

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Clare Werbeloff has punk’d the news. Brilliant. For years the news media have been punking us. It took Clare Werbeloff to turn the tables. She punk’d them. She made up the entire “chk chk boom” story on the spur of the moment. What talent! What creativity! What balls!

Years from now, when studying how the media died, I’m sure journalism professors will point to Clare as one of the defining moments. She perfected the media punk model.

1. Be in the right place at the right time.

2. Find a news crew.

3. Make sure you’re looking hawt – the news doesn’t talk to fuglies.

4. Create a somewhat believable story.

5. Here’s the most important part – Come up with an instant catch phrase that works as a 10 second sound bite!

Together we can speed up the end of the old media by punking them over and over, day and night. They won’t know who to believe. And let’s face it – they won’t care. It’s not like they have cared much about what’s true for the last 20 years anyway. What they care about are the three S’s: sensationalism, scandal, and selling advertising. So this is just taking their model to its natural conclusion.


8 thoughts on “Why Clare Werbeloff is a genius.

  1. I agree that clare Werbeloff if a genius, HOWEVER I totally disagree on your insights into the media’s intentions.

    May I ask a personal question? Have the media ruined your life in one way or another? Because I sense a lot of hostility there.

    You cannot lump ALL the media into an instituation that feeds off lies. It’s like me saying ” All bloggers are arseholes”. It’s not true.

    Some media outlest have no credibility or have very little. For instance, I think the Daily Telegraph is a piece of shit. You are right that many journalists flower up the truths with minor untruths, however these are the aweful journalists with no talent.

    There happens to be many great journalists out there that do their job correctly, and that is to unveil the truth to the public.

    I’d like to see what would happen if your prediction of Media death occurs. A democracy cannto exist without the media. IT IS FACT. If the media dies, WE ARE ALL DOOMED TO DIE In ANARCHY!

    Get over your stupid personal vendettas, because your blog is also a media outlet, and what you are doing is creating lies to your readers based on your presumptions and bias. Basically, you are sinking to the deaphts of the very media outlets you hate.

    PS: Clare Werbeloff rules!

  2. I just noticed that your comments are moderated. Nice. Anyway, if i find that you don’t publicise my above comment, at least I can take solice in the fact that I was right in assuming that you are jsut as much a liar as really crap journalists that you, yourself, hate.

  3. Remember the Dole army fiasco? Bunch of punk kids invite channel 9 down a storm water drain and concoct a story about an entire underground civilisation of homeless people who live in tunnels under the city , eat dumpster food, and scam the dole. And Channel 9 brought it hook line and sinker. 2 days after it went to air the dole army (who in reality where just a funny little welfare rights activist group) put out a press release gloating about it being retaliation for all the beat up stories about people on the dole (OUR CAMERAS CATCH EVIDENCE OF POOR PEOPLE OWNING SURFBOARDS!).

    THAT was a brilliant hoax.

  4. “Years from now, when studying how the media died, I’m sure journalism professors will point to Clare as one of the defining moments.”


    They certainly weren’t paying attention to Pallywood or Hezbollywood, who have been punking a gullible media for years.

  5. I think Clare is absolutely brillant, sexy & gorgeous. Where’s Zoo, Ralph & FHM – hope she’ll be on the cover for each mag?

    I’m in love…….chk chk BOOM ……

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