Today I’m recording a podcast about why people hate banks so much – and what we can do about it.

I’m interviewing a range of people about banks, independent commentators as well as bank representatives.

This all started with a twtpoll I started last night about which bank is the least evil.

We all know that banks are one of the major causes of the Global Financial Crisis. It’s time we did something about them.

Here’s a list of information and twitter comments I’ve gathered while preparing for the show:

All of the major banks in Australia have MAJOR negative customer satisfaction scores.

Bank fees rose by 8% last year to nearly $12 billion

There is absolutely no reason for bank fees of any kind to exist. Banks borrow our money and charge us for the privilege. Banks already make a metric fuckton of money just by HAVING our hard earned savings in their possession. (@ryanbooker)

without the govt guarantee, i would not be depositing w bendigobank. Nice guys, crap risk management. (@bernardk)

Have found St George to be best bank I have used in AU but I still get best service from UK banks despite being here 15 yrs (@marksmithers)

all banks are evil! $12 billion made from penalty fees in 2008 (@jeremycabral)