Well it’s Year Three of the G’Day World podcast and as always I’m going to frak around with the format.

As you may already know, G’Day World invented Skypecasting. We were the very first people EVER to record a Skype call as a podcast. Don’t believe me? It’s in Wikipedia so it must be true (and no, I didn’t put it up there).

And now I think I’m ready to invent something else.

I had the insane idea today that I could create a Google Calendar specifically for the show and open it wide up so ANYONE can see when I plan to record a new episode. Then, if Google Calendar works the way I think it does, any of you should be able to add the G’Day World schedule to your Google Account and then, if you want to come on the show LIVE, all you need to do is jump into the entry for the day in question, add your Skype ID and the topic you’d like to discuss, and I’ll hook you into the show! Am I craaaaazy or what? Then we’ll be one-step closer to LIVE RADIO and that’s gotta scare the pants off ’em. Even more.

Hopefully, if this whacko scheme is going to work at all, you will be able to use the below code to add the G’Day World calendar to your Google Account. Give it a go and tell me what happens.

UPDATE: okay well I already discovered that you can’t edit the details or add yourselves like I imagined. Anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish what I’m trying to do using Google Calendar?