Your Chance To Come On The Show

Well it’s Year Three of the G’Day World podcast and as always I’m going to frak around with the format.

As you may already know, G’Day World invented Skypecasting. We were the very first people EVER to record a Skype call as a podcast. Don’t believe me? It’s in Wikipedia so it must be true (and no, I didn’t put it up there).

And now I think I’m ready to invent something else.

I had the insane idea today that I could create a Google Calendar specifically for the show and open it wide up so ANYONE can see when I plan to record a new episode. Then, if Google Calendar works the way I think it does, any of you should be able to add the G’Day World schedule to your Google Account and then, if you want to come on the show LIVE, all you need to do is jump into the entry for the day in question, add your Skype ID and the topic you’d like to discuss, and I’ll hook you into the show! Am I craaaaazy or what? Then we’ll be one-step closer to LIVE RADIO and that’s gotta scare the pants off ’em. Even more.

Hopefully, if this whacko scheme is going to work at all, you will be able to use the below code to add the G’Day World calendar to your Google Account. Give it a go and tell me what happens.

UPDATE: okay well I already discovered that you can’t edit the details or add yourselves like I imagined. Anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish what I’m trying to do using Google Calendar?

12 thoughts on “Your Chance To Come On The Show

  1. Right well I now have a green doodad on my calender at 10am thurs saying gdayworld so I think that worked πŸ™‚

    Only chance of getting me on the show is if you catch me on an up though. I suddenly get very outgoing and talkative.

  2. Cam,
    You’ll have to add individuals’ emails to the G’Day World calendar in the “share this calendar” section. And when you add each email, you need to select “make changes to events” from the drop down menu. Then people can add to the description section.
    This is what I can see for now. The good thing is that you only have to add each person to the calendar as a whole once. You can also then disallow people from making changes at a later date if they get annoying.
    Would google talk offer any better functionality over skype for this? I haven’t used it before.

  3. Cam, go to your calendar. In the left sidebar you have ‘my calendars’. Click on that little triangle next to the g’day world one. Click on ‘Share Calendar’.

    Now, you can share all info. I’m not sure if that will allow people to change stuff.
    But you can also share with specific people, and there you can say what they are allowed to do. So make changes (and not manage sharing, I guess).
    You’ll need their email address for this.
    But try the first option first, ‘Share all information with everyone’.

    Anyway… good idea! Maybe one day I’ll not be to shy/not consider myself to much of a newbie to join in! πŸ˜€

  4. Cam

    What a neat use of technology and a great marketing trip!

    When I’m online and you’re doing the show I’ll definitely throw my skypeid into the ring for a ‘podvox’ – now let’ see if ‘king apple wanna tax $1 for that term…

  5. Hi Cam, Great Idea. I hope the sound quality is not as bad as when you called me on my mobile via skype. My problem is I can’t use Skype at work and my internet connection at home is really crap so I can’t use skype there also. So can you please get a Skype In Number so we can call you from Landlines (now that they are available for Australis)??

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