The winners are…

The winners of our first ever competition are:

Daniel Bowen from VIC

Simon Goudie from VIC

Hilary Sissons from VIC

Angus Logan from QLD

Michael Bowe from SA

These lucky lucky bastards will be receiving a double pass to see “The Motorcycle Diaries” compliments of our friends at Dendy Films.

2 free passes to “The Motorcycle Diaries” still left to give away!!!

Unbelievably, out of the 500+ people who have downloaded the latest G’day World podcast, only THREE (that’s right, 3) have entered the competition to win the free double passes to see “The Motorcycle Diaries” kindly provided by our friends at Dendy Films. So… if you’d like to be among the first people to see this film, listen to the podcast (to get the rules of engagement) and enter today! It isn’t too late. When all the tickets are gone, I will announce it here.

Even MORE unbelievable, only 5 of those 500 have voted for us at Podcast Alley!

Gday World Podcast :: Show #3

Show 3 – 10th December 2004 (1hr 12 min)
00:00 G’Day World intro with tune “D24” courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker
02:01 Feedback from show #2
03:10 Our first competition – courtesy of Dendy Films
05:00 Mick’s big news
09:00 Special guest, Shane Williamson, tells us about his Stormtrooper outfit
17:00 Our thoughts on MSN Spaces
28:00 Podcast Alley’sTop Ten podcasts
30:30 Get your G’day World Roo Shirt today!
35:25 Cameron’s depression and its link’s to sleep deprivation
40:30 BlogHerald post about the Crickey reference to the 2005 Australian Blogging Conference
45:00 Podcasting Porn
47:00 HALO2 soundtrack & the ending of the game (contains spoilers)
52:20 This week’s lesson on how to talk “aussie”
57:00 Shane & Cameron’s big bet from 2000 – original email
1:01:10 Brief film review of “SAW”
1:02:30 Books we are reading at the moment
Cameron: Bobby Fisher Goes To War
Shane: The Da Vinci Code
Mick: Codename Ginger
1:08:30 The new recording setup
1:12:00 Close

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Think of any traffic you send here, along with downloading of the audio file, as a way of encouraging Cam and myself to keep doing this…not that we need any encouragement… 🙂

G'day World

G’day World Podcast :: Show #2

Show 2 – 1st December 2004 (1hr 8 min)
00:00 G’Day World intro tune “D24” courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker
00:10 Mick’s SPOT watch battery is not well
02:20 Comments and info from the first show
08:00 Cam’s new CD’s
08:50 Mick’s past life as a Tour/Production Manager
13:00 EPIC 2014 & Moore’s Law
18:50 Windows Media Center update
26:20 “Private Saloon”, a music track from DANI
30:35 How do you get your employees to blog
36:20 The 2005 Australian Blogging Conference
42:00 “Chucking a Winer”
47:00 This week’s lesson on how to talk “aussie”
52:00 Playing HALO2 on LEGENDARY is impossible
52:45 Cameron wants “Cafes with power points”
55:00 podfreq vs iTrip
57:00 Jeremy Wright’s eBay auction
1:05:00 “D24”, a music track by Spruiker (whole song)