On the Pod with Nicole Simon

Listen in as Cameron and I (the “I” i am referring to would be me…Mick 🙂 have a chat with the famous female German blogger and podcaster…Nicole Simon.

Nicole talks to us about writing a blog and making a podcast in both German and English and what sort of material is available in both of these mediums in Germany and the EU. We also talk with her about what its like being a female podcaster, whats a good length for podcasts, the iPod Squish and the Apple community, the German response to the Prince Harry dress-up party photos, the pubsub linkrank of royalty and a host of other things.

Oh yeah.. i nearly forgot…I also get ganged up on by both Cameron and Nicole…hmmm…get over it guys…i am the “code monkey” (in Cameron’s own words) and therefore i control the vertical, the horizontal and the bandwidth 😉

We do apologise for the quality of the show as it occasionally drops in and out…the Skype traffic that day was pretty high… 🙁

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MP3 Announcement

On the Pod with Jeremy Wright

This is a podcast we have been trying to do for quite a while…listen in to this “On the Pod” episode and hear us interview the busiest little blogger around and a man that does a hell of a lot for the business blogging “cause”…Jeremy Wright.

Jeremy is the guy that sold his blog, ensight.org, for cash “ages ago”, he put his blogging services and knowledge up for auction at eBay, he started Inside Blogging, one of the first blogging consultancy companies around with Darren Barefoot, he set up the Business Blogging Awards (with Darren), he is involved in a few books being published and…he lost his job because of his blogging…to name a few things.

We cover all of this stuff in this interview and we go into quite a bit of detail about a lot of stuff including his sacking. If your a fan of Jeremy’s…don’t miss this opportunity to hear him chat to us for nearly an hour.

The future of G’day World

Over here at the G’day World offices, we’re very humbled and excited by the responses we’ve been getting to the recent shows. Our subscriber numbers are going through the roof, and we have had well over an amazing 10,000 MP3’s downloaded since the beginning of January!

So, in the spirit of “if you got a spark, pour petrol on it”, we have decided it is time to branch out. We will soon be lauching a new and (we hope) exciting range of regular podcasts dedicated to specific subjects. And here’s the most exciting news – you get to vote on which shows come first!

This is going to be huge folks…its been in the planing stages for a while now, and its time to get the ball rolling…

The survey is limited to the first 100 responses, so, if you want to have a say in the future of the G’day World “franchise” (hehe), Go and vote on the survey now!

Click here for the survey

Gday World Podcast :: Show #5

00:00 G’Day World intro with tune “D24” courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker 00:30 Xmas: One of us went to the Gold Coast 02:30 The Religion podcast idea 05:00 Xmas: One of us went to Melbourne 06:00 Micks home office set-up 08:00 The MYOB scam 08:30 Micks new VOIP phone from Engin 13:30 Micks trying to come up with a new business name 18:30 The new Gday World competition for our International listeners – Prize image 1 & 2 24:00 Carl Walker sends an email review 28:00 Micks birthday wishes from the blogosphere 30:00 Jeremy Wright gets fired for blogging 33:00 Is Bill Gates listening to this podcast? 33:20 Brad & Jen Is the concept of marriage officially defunct?? 35:00 Micks experience with Microsofts Anti-Spyware beta 37:00 Gday World gets nominated for some Australian awards thing 40:30 Australias response to the tsunami 41:30 Bill Brysons book The Short History of Nearly Everything & natural disasters 46:00 Aussie slang lesson 51:00 Triple J has started a podcast 52:00 So has Chris Pirillo 53:00 Camerons rant about re-building his PC and Microsofts stupid error messages 58:00 Bill Gates keynote at CES 01:03:15 Our bandwidth hosting problems & prodigm 01:07:00 Upcoming Gday World interviews 01:09:15 Outtro

Note from Mick: Sorry for the delay in getting this show up guys and gals….trying to catch up on a back-log of shows without dumping to many podcasts on you all at once… 🙂

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If you’re message is clever or interesting, we may even play it on the show. The rest of the messages we will just laugh about in the privacy of our own homes.

This Feb 14, send your loved one a G’day World Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is only 4 weeks away and in 2005 there will be only one way for any true geek to send their loved one a Vanetine message. Forget cards, flowers or e-cards. They are soooooo 20th Century.


What’s a “G’DAY WORLD VALENTINE???” I hear you ask? Well here’s how it works.

  1. Record your message to your loved one using any voice recording device. Keep it under 60 seconds.
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  6. Special points will be awarded for anyone who says “G’day” in their message, and bonus points for using the term “sheila” and “bloke”.

On the Pod with Robert Scoble

Here it is….the interview we did in late December 2004 that i have received a steady stream of emails from people requesting to go up live welcome to On the Pod with Robert Scoble.god help our bandwidth 🙂

If you don’t know who Robert is shame on you. go and do a search on your search engine of choice and discover the goodness that is the Scobleizer and for those of you who couldnt be bothered searching¦.Robert Scoble is a officially a Technical/Community Evangelist at Microsoft. he is also the most prodigious Microsoft blogger, one of the team that brings you Channel 9 at MSDN, future book co-author and all around great guy.

Listen in as we quiz Robert on his background before Microsoft, how he got into blogging, how he joined Microsoft, how Microsoft got into blogging, the power of blogging and knowledge management, “the five pillars of conversational software”, link blogs and aggregators, the Red Couch, his thoughts on MSN Spaces, the Dave dummy spit at Bloggercon and whats next for Robert Scoble.

This is a great interview and Robert is such a nice guy to talk to as well….another dont miss Gday World episode.

Thnx for your time Robert

On the Pod with Om Malik

Another great “On the Pod” with a shaker and mover from the US…this time we interview Om Malik who is the Senior Writer with Business 2.0 and author of “Broadbandits: Inside the $750 billion telecom heist“.

Listen as we talk to Om about Arnold Schwarzenegger, cricket, his new book, Broadband, how the generation gap is closing on internet usage, the iPod, VOIP, blogs. content on demand, broadband in Australia and a whole heap of things.

Om is one of those journalists that just “gets it”, so this is another “On the Pod” episode you shouldn’t miss…

PS. We nearly have our bandwidth issues sorted out, so expect the G’day World podcasts to start coming thick and fast pretty soon…next up…Robert Scoble 🙂