On the Pod with Michael Pusateri

In this “On the Pod” episode we talk with Michael Pusateri, VP of Engineering at the Disney Channel.

I saw Michael at the 2004 O’Reilly’s eTech conference when he presented a great session on how the Disney Channel started using blogs, Wiki’s and RSS in his department close to two years ago. This is a great interview and it stil amazes me that an organisation as large as Disney was using this sort of technology that long ago in a real world situation.

We also touch on a few other areas that Michael has a personal interest in like MMORPG’s, Geocaching and Dr Pepper cans.

As usual…this is another “On the Pod” you don’t want to miss if you are trying to get blogs, wiki’s and RSS into your organisation.

On the Pod with Michael Geoghegan

We thought we would look inward into the world of podcasting for our next guest..and we came up with Michael Geoghegan.

Michael is the man behind Reel Reviews…one of the most popular podcasts out in the wild and is all about the main passion of its host…movies.

We chat to Michael about his love for films, how he got into podcasting, the 900 DVD’s in his basement, how he structures his podcasts, Orson Wells, Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil, The Searchers, Ford-Kurosawa-Leoni-Tarantino, Chopper, De Nero, Sleep Away Camp, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Show Girls and what he thinks of Cam’s top 10.

Check out the interview…check out Reel Reviews…and then switch of your computer for a while and go and watch a movie… πŸ˜‰

On the Pod with Des Paroz

Time to get a few more Australians on the show….so we got in touch with Des and said..”Des..how about it??”…and he gave us the thumbs up.

Des Paroz has been working over at Acer Compters for nearly seven years.Whats he do?? Well…he looks after all of their e-commerce activities and IT Operations at the moment but has been involved in all sorts of things during his time at Acer. Check out his bio page for the details.

We talk about Media Centers and are they a central device or a peripheral device, how he got into computers and marketing from doing economics at university, his time at NCR in Japan, Australia and the US, his work with web based travel systems and Galileo, his thoughts on blogs, how they deal with channel partners at ACER, the NOFOLLOW tag, the ACER model of business and how it differs from the Dell model, what are ACER’s goals in Australia, his thoughts on TabletPC’s, podcasting and finally we briefly touch on scuba diving…yep…we cover a lot… πŸ™‚

Thnx for your time Des…

On the Pod with Darren Barefoot

I have had to skip a couple of shows to get this interview out that we did with Canadian blogger, Darren Barefoot, due to the fact that we touch on Northern Voice conference during the interview, and the conference is on this week πŸ™‚

Darren does a heap of stuff…he works for Capulet Communications during the day, he started up Inside Blogging with Jeremy Wright, he was the other blogger that auctioned himself at eBay and importantly and he is one of the organisers of Northern Voice which is Canada’s first blogging conference that is being held in Vancouver on the 19th of February this year.

During this interview, we touch on Northern Voice and blogging conferences in general, gatherings of geeks, Nooked, RSS and the “process” at Inside Blogging.

Apologies for the quality in this one, but sometime Skype connections just don’t cut it πŸ™

Darren’s one of the good guys out in the blogosphere so subscribe to our feed or just download the mp3…especially if you are heading up to the Conference.

G’day World “Valentine’s Day 2005”

Happy Valentine’s Day for 2005 everybody…the team here at G’day World hope you and your special someone have a great day.

A few weeks ago, we made an offer to anyone that wanted to record a special message for their valentine, that if they sent it in to us in time we would include it on a special release podcast…so…how many people went to the effort of putting a message together for their loved one???

You will just have to listen to find out…

On the Pod with Staton Rabin

In our first “non-tech / non-geek” interview at G’day World be talk to US author, Staton Rabin.

Staton came to Cam’s attention because of a book she wrote called “Betsy and the Emperor”, a young adults book about a friendship between Napoleon and Betsy Balcombe, a fourteen year old who lived on the island of St. Helène where Napoleon was kept on after his capture by the British. For those that don’t know… Cam is a Napoleon buff. The cool thing about Staton’s book is that it has been picked up as a movie that will commence filming shortly and was going to star Anthony Hopkins at one stage and now has Al Pacino slated to play the lead role and Patrice Chereau
locked in as the Director.

Apart from writing, Staton works as a story analyst / screenwriter in New York and has worked on a number of successful film adaptations.

An interesting interview on an interesting topic…

This podcast is sponsored by Brisbane Decking.

On the Pod with Steve Rubel

So we haven’t really interviewed anyone in New York…who could we get to talk to who has done a “lot” for the blog clause that our listeners would find interesting??? Maybe someone who is in the PR game…hmmm….And then Buzz cames to the rescue…why not interview Steve Rubel??? Yeah…great idea…

Steve is the Vice President for Client Services at a PR firm in New York called CooperKatz who have a substantial list of clients…some of who are even starting to utilise blogs…

Listen as as we chat to Steve about the weather in New York (and WeatherBug), his time in the PR business, are blogs a threat to the traditional PR company, his own blog (Micro Persuasion) , how he tries to introduce his clients to blogging, Punxsutawney Phil, Jennifer Lopez, PubSub, hearing Dave Winer slap down one of firms clients at BloggerCon while doing the laundry, Trevor Cook and the Global PR Blog Week, Kryptonite, the Apple leaks, Garden State, the 60 sec elevator pitch on blogging, how the press is lagging behind the bloggers and the long tail, crisis management and blogs, yada yada yada…. πŸ˜‰

Check out the show for all the facts…what can i say…its another classic show you can’t afford to miss…

On the Pod with Frank Arrigo

Frank Arrigo = Mick + Cam = G’day World podcast

Nice and cryptic for you??? Well…tune in to the interview we recorded with Frank Arrigo on the 17th of January to find out what it means.

The Frank interview has by far been our biggest request from Australian developers…well…here he is guys and gals…for those that don’t know Frank…Frank has been with Microsoft for 13.5 years and is currently the head of the Developer Platform Evangelist Team in Australia…

His career story is long and we cover a heap of it here along with other great stories…including working in Canberra pushing LANMAN and the introduction of NT…the time he spent at the Executive Briefing Centre at Microsoft’s Redmond campus…he used to write and prep some of the presentations for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer (find out about the hole in Steve’s office)…he tells us where the Windows 95 name came from…we touch on the start of nineMSN…some of his blogs get a mention along with why he blogs…there is just to much to talk about here….go and listen to the story of Frank…trust me..its well worth the time… πŸ™‚

Last and final bids…sold…

The eBay auction for sponsorship rights to the “G’day World DEMO@15 Special Edition” shows is over…And the winner is…<applause>Frank Arrigo</applause>

Well done Mr Frank…and a big thankyou to all the other poeple that placed bids over the last 10 days…but we can only have one winner…we will be in touch soon Franky to work out exactly what we are putting into the shows for you πŸ™‚

And to top it all off (is this perfect timing or what??)…in about 30 minutes, the interview we did with Frank about 2 weeks ago is going to go live…its all action over here at the G’day World studios today… πŸ˜‰