Gรขโ‚ฌโ„ขday World Podcast :: Show #7

note: sorry for the quality of the first few minutes of this podcast…technical difficuties…a plug i think ๐Ÿ™

0:00 Network Intro

0:15 Opening theme from Spruiker and show intro

1:45 We talk about why we haven’t done a show in a while

5:00 Let’s get The Podcast Network news out of the way

16:10 Fill out the Podcast Survey dammit!

17:24 New channels coming up…

18:47 One of us went to DEMO@15

19:50 Other conferences we want to go to this year

21:00 Wrap-up from the Hill & Knowlton Aussie Blogging Breakfast

26:10 Blogtalk Downunder

28:30 Cancelling Hotmail is a BITCH

37:00 Cancelling a VISA with “Which Bank?” is also a BITCH

40:15 Fred Durst vs Gawker Media

43:00 Our ruined interview with Dan Gillmor, Apple lawsuits, Kazaa

48:58 Mobile Porn

51:30 One of us has been invited to MSN Search Champs V2

53:30 Gnomedex 5.0

54:15 Update on Desktop Search engines

59:00 William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition”

Listen as Cameron talks to himself, while my audio drops out for 3 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

1:02:20 Update on 100 Bloggers book

1:03:05 Mick’s AIBO


1:04:08 Out robot masters will make us suffer for this


1:05:50 Show wrap-up

1:07:30 Music exit…this episode…Macedonian folk music ๐Ÿ™‚

On the Pod with Toby Bloomberg

In early February we spoke to Toby Bloomberg…the blogger behind Diva Marketing, founder of Bloomberg Marketing and Treasurer of the Pro-Bloggers Association.

While we had Toby on the pod, we spoke about coffee, Bloomberg Marketing, the American Marketing Association, Robert Scoble, why companies should have a blog, the Diva Marketing blog, blogs and traditional marketing, the Pro-Bloggers Association, Microsoft and bloggers, blogging policies / structure / strategy, GM and blogging and the PR team, podcasting, TPN, food court gatherings and we get a look at the Toby behind the Toby from the blog.

On the Pod with Howard Rheingold

How can one introduce a person like our 25th guest to appear On the Pod???

Howard Rheingold does not really need any introduction, and if he does, you should run out right now to your nearest bookstore (or go to Amazon on your browser of choice) and buy his last book “Smart Mobs”…nah…scratch that…go and buy all of his books. Why??? Because Howard has been involved in some of the most important projects involving modems and PC’s since the early 80’s, including; VR, social software and networks, The Well, HotWired, Electric Minds, Brainstorms and the power of mobile technology in modern communities around the world. We chat to Howard about all of those subjects and more…

Its not often that you get to talk to someone who has played such a big part in your life, but this one of those moments for me…we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

On the Pod with Ewan Spence

We are slowly catching up on our backlog of shows, and in this release of “On the Pod” (recorded in early February) we talk to Ewan Spence all the way from Scotland.

Ewan runs the “All About” group of websites (including AllAboutSymbian.com) and is also a published author…a little bit of disclosure here as well…since recording this show he has also started doing a show for The Podcast Network called The Mobiles Show.

Ewan is an absolute blast to interview and we talk about Kylie Minogue, Bouncer from Neighbours, all sorts of things about Symbian, Microsoft Mobiles Platform and other phone OS’s vs Symbian, music and mobile phones and other devices (Nokia vs Apple and the iPod??), software certification, OS market pentration, what phone does Ewan use (or…whats in his podzilla), N-Gage and Series 60, Splinter Cell and gaming on mobiles, Mobile phone names, his kilt and Crow, the “All About” websites, listening to podcasts on his Sony Mini-disk and his upcoming (at the time) trip to 3GSM.


On the Pod with Hobart Swan

In our 23rd interview for “On the Pod” we talk to Hobart Swan, Manger of External Affairs at Mindjet who are the publishers of the best mind mapping software available (well..according to Cam and I it is)…MindManager.

We talk with him about the start of MindJet and how he got involved with them, why Michael Jetter wrote a mind mapping application when he discovered he had leukemia, why do people use mindmapping software and what are the benefits with using mindmaps, how does he use mind maps in his day-to-day life, changing peoples perception of mind mapping software, using RSS in MindManager, Tabpet PC’s and paper notebooks, his thoughts on blogging in the corporate sphere and a host of other interesting stuff.

Download the MP3…subscribe to the RSS feed…listen to it telepathically…grab it which ever way you can ๐Ÿ™‚