Gday World – The Blogtalk Downunder Sessions #1

Between the 19th and 21st of May 2005, i was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to attend the Blogtalk Downunder conference being held in Sydney, Australia.

Blogtalk Downunder was the first blogging conference to be held in Australia and had some interesting speakers…including….one of the few (if not only) Australian politician’s to write and maintain his own blog, Senator Andrew Bartlett. You might Remember Senator Bartlett as Cameron interviewed him for a G’day World show a few weeks ago.

Well, i didn’t interview the Senator, but i did record his presentation at the conference. The recording quality is average as it was recorded staright onto an iPod with an iTalk, that was sitting on the lecturn directly in front of him. I have one more show where i recorded small 5 minute interviews with a few people that i will be putting up later this week as well.

Enjoy 🙂

G’day World Podcast :: Show #8:: “The Charles Wright Special Edition”


I’m back attacking the mic
Hype like a Viking
Striking like a python
Blaze like Jon

I’ve got no idea what it means either. Ask Will Smith.

Anyway,.. Cameron here and we’ve got a brand new show for ya.

This show Mick and I have a special guest, W. Wayne Turmel aka “dub-dub” who is about to start a new show on TPN. For details, listen to the show.
dub dub
As you may have gathered, we’ve dedicated this episode to our #1 fan, Mr Charles Wright. Thanks for the love, Charles.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: “D24” by Spruiker
  • Wayne’s book
  • MSN Search Champs
  • XBOX360 coming to Australia before Xmas?
  • BlogTalk Downunder
  • Check out Michael Specht’s summary
  • The Downing Street Memo
  • iTunes 4.6 will have a podcatcher built-in
  • Graham Kennedy’s passing
  • Track: “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts
  • On The Pod with Ajax Garcia

    Another show without Mick! For no other reason than he’s been spending a lot of time travelling and offline lately.

    This show is with Ajax Garcia, frontman for LA hard rock outfit “The Napoleon Blown Aparts“. I bought a compilation album of their songs from Magnatune a couple of months ago and it’s getting a lot of rotation on my iPod playlist.

    Ajax Garcia

    Not only a great rocker, Ajax is also a very talented inker and has his own business “BigKidzToy” where he sells very kewl “poster kits”. Listen in as we talk about what happened to cock rock, whether or not it’s coming back, the opportunities for indy bands to find an audience using the web, and MORE!

    On The Pod with Senator Andrew Bartlett

    On May 11th I had the opportunity to interview Senator Andrew Bartlett, Deputy Leader of the Australian Democrats, about the Federal Budget. My goal with this show wasn’t to provide cutting edge political commentary – because I can’t. That’s wayyy out of my league (and I’m sure you’d all agree).

    The idea with this chat was to get one of Australia’s most experienced political leaders (Senator Bartlett was the leader of the Democrats for several years and has been a Senator since 1997) to help me get my head around whether or not this budget was good, bad or ugly and why. Is Treasurer Peter Costello really the Aussie equivalent of Senator Palpatine? Or is he Yoda? Is he doing a good job or is he screwing up our fine country? And why the hell do they have to carry on with all that schtick in Parliament?

    Find out in this casual chat with a polly.

    Senator Andrew Bartlett

    On the Pod with Heather Green

    Welcome to the 30th episode of “On the Pod”.

    In this show, we switch roles and we interview the interviewer. Thats right, your intrepid G’day World hosts switch shoes and interview a journalist.

    “Which Journalist would be crazy enough to sit down with us for close to an hour” do i hear you say?? Well, none other than Heather Green from BusinessWeek.

    “Heather Green, a department editor for Business Week, writes and edits stories about digital media, the wireless Internet, and consumer gizmos. She joined the magazine in November 1997 and is based in New York. Prior to Business Week, Green worked for three years at Bloomberg News, where she established the Internet beat. Before getting a real job, she lived in Paris, earning a graduate degree at Sciences Po”

    Join us as we chat with Heather about the state of jounalism, the impact of blogging and podcasting and just stuff in general.

    On top of her normal journalistic work, Heather also now writes on Blogspotting which is the BusinessWeek Blog.

    On the Pod with Dan Bricklin

    If you are one of our listeners that grew up using computers in the late 70’s and early 80’s, our guest for this On the Pod needs no introduction. And if your not a geek, he is one of the few people that helped to revolutionise the desktop application space by being a co-creator of the first spreadsheet application…VisiCalc.

    Ladies, gentleman and fellow geeks…we present for your listening pleasure…”On the Pod with Dan Bricklin

    Join us and listen as Dan talks about his early days in the software space right through to what he is working on today.