Joining Rich and I today is Rod Adams, co-host of TPN’s Atomic Show, to chat a bit about nuclear energy versus fossil fuels. We also cover the small amount of technology news worth talking about today.

    As always, our Intro / Outro music “D24″ courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker and I record my Skype calls using Skylook.

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    The 2Web Crew has its own podcast!

    I was about to post up the latest 2Web Crew podcast tonight when Mano told me our new site is up and running, so I threw it up there instead! Check it out here. On this show we discuss Caterina’s post about whether or not it is too late to start a web2.0 company and David Richard’s claim that Microsoft is going to have to re-write 60% of the Windows Vista code.

    GDAY WORLD #100!

    Guest host is David Green, host of TPN’s All American Show, who works for the US Dept of Defense and was stationed in Iraq from Jan 2005 – Jan 2006, so this is a show about IRAQ. I apologize for my audio quality on this show… 100 shows and I still forgot to switch on the right mic…. idiot.
    Show notes:

    As always, our Intro / Outro music courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker.

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