All G’Day World spots sold

The first of our Ebay auctions went better than expected. I really thought this would take at least a few months to really get rolling, but we sold all three available spots on G’Day World. The PSP Show sold one of three. It should really have done better than...

Flickr Pro or Zooomr?

My Flickr Pro account expires on Sept 1. Should I pay another US$25 for another year or should I change to another photo service, like, for example, Zooomr? What other online photo services are you kids using? Any recommendations for me?

TPN Auctions going well

Only 18 hours to go on the first round of G’Day World auctions and so far we’ve got a couple of live bids. The other shows that we’ve put up also have bids, so it’s going well for a first round! Check out all of the auctions here.
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