The BBC promotes Claybourne

I’m getting hundreds of emails today from people in Britian who heard the first two episodes of our groundbreaking podcast drama "Claybourne" played on the BBC and they want MORE!

Apparently it was played on a BBC Radio 4 show hosted by Rosie Goldsmith. Thanks Rosie!

Downloading the show is pretty simple. Start here:

and where it says "MP3", right click, choose "save as.." or "save file" and then save the mp3 to your hard drive. Then you can open it up and play it on your PC or move it to your iPod and play it there!

I really need to find an easy way for people to download all 96 episodes in one hit without having to pull down a single 500Mb file. Any suggestions?

My review of Clerks ll and Kevin Smith’s Q&A

Last night (Friday, 25 August 2006) I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Melbourne premiere of Kevin Smith’s new film "Clerks II" followed by a three hour Q & A with Smith himself. The Astor Theatre was packed full of devoted fans who laughed their asses off throughout the entire film and then laughed perhaps even more during Smith’s talkfest. Smith introduced the film, walking up a steep flight of stairs and saying something about if he had fallen down them it would have been "more embarrassing than "Jersey Girl". Hehe.

First let’s talk about the film.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet and who might be thinking "Meh, the last few Smith films didn’t quite hit the mark, I might give this one a miss", I say unto thee – GET YOURSELF TO THE CINEMA (opens in broad release across Australia on August 31st).

This film is a cock knocker.

The audience at the session last night – admittedly, Smith fans – laughed themselves silly and cheered at the end. This is one HELL of a sequel. Now – I’m a fan of Smith’s. Huge fan. Tried to get in contact with the guy so I could get a podcast interview with him while he was here but "his people" didn’t get back to me. Anyway… I’m a huge fan but I thought all of the films since Chasing Amy fell a bit flat. Not that I don’t give the guy massive kudos for doing what he does – hell, I’m not making films. Good luck to the fat bastard. But I just didn’t think the last few films were as good as Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy which are all, IMHO, classics. Clerks II is up there with them. It is tighter that a fish’s asshole. The laughs are non-stop and the requisite Smith themes of finding a purpose, hetero-male-on-male love, and modern relationships are all covered off in perfect style.

Dante and Randall are back and as funny and annoying as they were when we first met them 12 years ago. The Quick Stop has burned down (because Randall left the coffee pot on overnight again) and they are now working at a Moobys for manager Rosario Dawson, along with young Christian nerdy colleague Elias. Dante is engaged to a gorgeous blonde (played by Smith’s real life wife) but he has also found love with Becky (Rosario Dawson). During the film he needs to decide between leaving New Jersey (the movie takes place during his last 24 hours in NJ) to head out to Florida with his soon-to-be-bride to work for her father in a car wash or stay in NJ with manager Becky. Add to this mix Jay and Silent Bob, very short cameos from Jason Lee and Ben Affleck and Ethan Suplee (and a milk lady), a dance sequence, and you have a very entertaining film. As i said earlier, it’s got a million laughs that all worked.

Then we got to the Q & A with writer/director/editor/actor Smith which was scheduled to run for 90 minutes but instead ran for over three hours, past midnight, and only finished because the cinema kicked everyone out.

I’ve made a quick list of subjects Smith touched on (mostly prompted by questions from the audience) to give you an idea of the breadth of the evening:

pluto is no longer a planet which leads him to believe that a death star really does exist
getting sued by darth vader
the joel siegel story
superman returns, how much it sucked
how life changed since 94
yes, jen (his wife) is a milf
storyboard that had silent Bob dead pulled down from "train wreck" after an hour deliberately to get people talking
clerks animated movie Harrvey Weinstein wanted a theatrical version. "Clerks Sell Out", will probably come out on dvd. Smith yet to write script. Storyline – Randall & Dante make a film about being clerks.
A favourite moment – when Homer Simpon said "prove me wrong silent bob"
Another fav. moment, 1997, Ben Affleck goes to Thanksgiving dinner at Spielberg’s house, Lucas is there, Ben asks if he’s ever heard of "Clerks", Lucas replies "Yes, Death Star contractors, very funny".
How his sister feels about being cast as the animal masterbator in the original film
how does he feel about Affleck / Damon / Lee success
Mewes’ rehab to get off of heroin & crack addiction
Taking jay to meth clinic
AfflecK in same rehab, Jay says "check out this morose muthafucka"
Jay driving around with a deployed airbag really happened
Smith likes to LOWER expectations of his films to people treat him like a retarded Kid
How hard it was to get Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson to make the new film
Anderson runs a successful tile import business, never wanted to be an actor, has a love/hate relationship with the first movie, was just a customer at quick stop when Kevin was writing script
Keeps pitching tv show to HBO, gets accepted, but never makes it
37 episodes set in view askew universe
If first film hadn’t worked he would have Kept working at quick stop
Mewes had been doing the tuck thing for years, before Silence Of The Lambs
Duchovny was nearly in J&SBSB, wanted to play Cock knocker
big fan of rim job but Kevin Is a no for ass to mouth
big fan of Internet porn
spend ages describing Brazilian fart porn
Kevin’s brother gay married 12 years to a man
5 fav films:
do the right thing
a man for all seasons
last temptation of Christ
Clerks II already made $24 million from budget of $5
maybe in his 40s or 50s will make a Clerks III
likes to make up his own curse words
degrassi next gen going back to the well inspiration for Clerks II
advice to young film makers: write it and make it
"if a chimp like me can direct…"
next movie is a horror film, wants to cast no regulars just unknowns
jon peters rise to power
commercial failure of Jersey Girl didnt hurt his career, Gigli copped the blame for it
put him off big budgets for a while
prefers writing editing & q&a to directing
myspace addicted
loves friend approval, has 96000 friends
jay was on myspace a year and a half before Kevin. Jay gets laid from it.
MySpace brought in more people than view askew.
Shannon Doherty’s german attack dog
On directing his wife make out with other people – he likes to watch
she was sposed to play becKy but Weinstein wanted a name
if she was making out with affleck he might be worried but not o’halloran, women trade up but not trade over
backlash from prince – Smith walked out with the nda from Prince World in his pocket. The film he shot is being turned into a jehovahs witness recruitment film by Prince
Would he open a secret stash in Australia
The success of Clerks had a lot to do with timing. People felt over educated, under employed. 
His fascination with Koala’s taking a poo
Will there be a sequel to Dogma?
His thoughts on the "brown coats"
hasnt seen firefly but mewes is a big fan
loves his fans to death
which is why this 90 minute Q&A now running over 3 hours 
The story of Walt Flanagan’s dog – "Kill the baby brodie"
thought about buying the quick stop which was his fav Job outside of this one
rst video is shuttered
passion of the clerks original title people hated it
On getting slagged on entourage (cool with it)
because you edit your own films does the film change much from the original vision uses avid
how Mewes feels about smith putting his story out there, the story about mewes fucking Nicole Richie in a bathroom
The pussy troll scene inspired by Mewes who has fucked 300 chicks
harvey wanted him to show the troll in the film

Evan Williams’ podcasting round-up ignores TPN

b5 Media’s Duncan Riley (no relation) just pointed me to Evan Williams’ recently post on a list of podcast sites, ranked by Alexa ranking. Evan somehow managed to completely ignore TPN. Perhaps he’s never heard of us. I’ll have to get my marketing team to send him a parcel of flowers or something.

For the record, here’s our Alexa ranking (32,450) and it would put us just above John Furrier (and Robert Scoble’s) PodTech on Evan’s list. Evan says of PodTech:

They snagged $5.5 million in March of this year. From what I understand, PodTech is mostly a content company, and there are a lot of other content podcasting companies I didn’t include on this list. But PodTech is probably the most significant one and has had a lot of press with things like the hiring of Robert Scoble.

I guess we were one of the companies he decided to ignore. Gee, thanks Evan. PodTech may have more money (about $5.5 million more) and a much higher profile employee than TPN but we have a higher Alexa ranking (for what that’s worth… it doesn’t pay the bills and I can’t eat it). But they are great guys. I met John in NY late last year at Steve Gillmor’s after party for the Guidewire Groups’ BlogOn 2005 conference and he seemed like a very nice bloke. And Scoble and I go way back to my Microsoft days. He did his first podcast on TPN and we were very grateful for the promotion he did of us in the process.

Speaking of the Guidewire Group, I had the pleasure of having a couple of drinks with Chris Shipley in Melbourne earlier this week. Chris is one of the co-founders of Guidewire and the Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences. Chris was introducing me to Viki Forrest, the CEO of ANZAtech. We had a great chat about podcasting and why Australian technology start-ups need to move to the USA. If I had my time over again, I would have packed up and moved to the USA a year ago rather than try to build TPN out of Australia. The climate in the USA for investment in a business like this is much stronger than the climate in a technology backwater like Australia. It’s a sad indictment on the Australian investment climate but there it is. Right now I’m of a pretty firm mindset to pack up my mic and headphones and make the move later this year. Anyone got a couch I can bunk down on for a few months?

Don’t Download This Song

Have you seen this new track by Weird Al (does this guy ever die??) – Don’t Download This Song? It’s pretty naff but diggity. TPN’s Daniel K has the details over on Box Office Weekly. Dan’s also running some funny commentary about Tom Cruise’s kick in the ass by Sumner Redstone and wants to know  if this is the first move by studios to start firing the A List stars who cost more money each year while box office receipts are dropping. If you are interested in the world of the business of movies you should listen to Dan’s podcast, he’s always got some great insights into what’s going on. Here’s the iTunes link to the show.

A couple of nights ago Ben Barren, Darren Rowse and I spoke at an AIMIA event in Melbourne about Business Blogging. Thanks to Keren Flavell for setting it up. TPN listener Cait was there and caught a few seconds of video of me ranting about why blogging and podcasting is a responsibility. Check it out here.

So, what have I been doing? Maaaate, I’ve been busy.

Did you all check out the podcasts series that I did with Andrew Pegler and WDG for Check them out here, especially if you’re looking for some tips and tricks on buying or selling real estate.

I also did a video podcast for Genesys’ G-Force event last week, that’ll be up in the next few days hopefully.

Ewan’s Edinburgh Fringe podcast is kicking ass. This is the biggest thing we’ve EVER had on TPN, I just wish it wasn’t on for only one month a year. But I bet Ewan’s happy it is, he’s the hardest working man in podcasting at the moment. I think it’s going to do a hundred thousand downloads this month alone. Huge. He’s got some great interviews up there as well, including one I heard today with a comedian called Omar Marzouk who is from Denmark, born to Egyptian parents, doing a show at the Fringe about terrorism. I’d love to see it.

I’m up in the Gold Coast on Monday talking at the PANPA conference. PANPA is The Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association. I’m on a panel with Mark Jones from the AFR talking about blogging and podcasting (what else?).

Oh and I’m also doing some consulting in the software space again. There’s a great company called TwoConnect based out of Miami who are BizTalk gurus. They are doing some work for a client in Australia on a pretty huge project and have asked me to help out with some stuff.

And I just listened to a great podcast from the TED conference by Jimmy Wales, the guy behind Wikipedia. Brilliant talk, you have to listen to it.

GDAY WORLD!!! #149 with Roger Williams

Check out our new sponsors! and
About a week ago on this blog I mentioned that I’d just read an amazing book called “The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect” (aka MOPI). Today on the show I’m very excited to have the author of that book, Roger Williams. Roger talks to me from his home in New Orleans about the genesis of the book, why it has never been published, the sequel he’s writing, his other fiction, the Singularity, and what life is like in New Orleans 12 months after Hurricane Katrina.
Get MOPI here

Find Roger’s other fiction here

Read up on “The Singularity” and what others are saying about it

Listen to my interview with Ray Kurzweil from late 2005

Read up on Eliezer Yudkowsky who you’ll hear Roger mention a few times


I’m exhausted. Damn it’s been busy. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I’m working on a bunch of projects at the moment, from capital raising for TPN, through to some podcast consulting projects, software consulting stuff, and other stuff I just can’t talk about. Fair to say I’ve got more plates spinning than I really should have – but at least life isn’t boring.

Here’s a link to the story on hosting providers in case you missed Tuesdays’ Age/SMH.

I know G’Day World’s been a bit quiet lately, but that’s because my days are so full. I’ve got a couple of shows scheduled over the next few days, a couple of interviews with authors that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Meanwhile, Ewan’s Edinburgh Fringe podcast is going insane. It’s on the front page of iTunes in the UK and is getting lots of promotion from The Stage (our sponsors) as well as the official Edinburgh Fringe website. If you haven’t checked out any of the shows yet, I highly recommend you head on over there.

If you’ve sent me email over the last couple of weeks and I haven’t answered it yet, please don’t be alarmed. I’ll get to ya. Just struggling to get to everything at the moment.