Get Yourself “Toon’d” at

My old buddy from Microsoft Glenn Vassallo finally launched his cartoon production site 2nME yesterday! This is a service that allows you to get a cartoon drawn up of yourself, which you can use on your blog, in your Skype ID, … on your fake ID…. etc. All TOONs are completely hand drawn, by a professional artist, using a Wacom tablet. Check out the photo in the middle of the boxes on the front page. Look familiar? This should be a popular service. It’s only USD$29.

Let’s Talk About Industrial Relations

For gdayworld 173 (scheduled for Dec 8), I really want to talk about the new Industrial Relations laws in Australia. I’d love to talk to young people who are working under them and to employers. If you know of anyone who fits one of those descriptions and might be interested in chatting with me, please let me know! And you can join in the show by posting your details HERE.

DIGG doubles my numbers

As some of you may have noticed, and as I mentioned on the show today, we had some slight “issues” with the TPN servers in the last 24 hours, mostly because this post I did last night got hit by DIGG. We got slammed. I did the same traffic to G’Day World in one 24 hour period that I normally get in a month. And we aren’t currently geared up for that kind of attention. So congrats to Dave Gray for creating a real story! If you guys aren’t already listening to Dave’s GlobalGeek podcast, you should be.

I believe this is called ‘The Digg Effect”.

the digg effect

G’DAY WORLD 171 – On Marijuana, Living Without Advertising, and Plausible Deniability

A loooooong show today, almost 90 minutes, with three guest co-hosts, a clip from another TPN show, a music clip from PUBLIC ENEMY… it’s our first YEAR THREE show and so I indulged. Mea Culpa.

My guest co-hosts today include:

  • Shane Williamson (who didn’t started late and didn’t stay long because his Optus Cable sucks ass)
    Dave Gray from TPN’s GlobalGeek podcast who crashed our servers last night
    and Scott Sherman from TPN’s #1 podcast “The Digital Photography Show
  • topics:

    hoboradio #23: living in a bubble

    Why Marijuana Is Illegal

    Getting DUGG

    Political survival and plausible deniability are now the paramount objectives of public administration.

    An 11-year-old in Hillsborough County, Fla., who has lost his hair during chemotherapy treatments for Leukemia is selling advertising space on his head to raise money for the Bone Marrow Registry, according to Local 6 News. (LINK)

    If you want to be part of a future episode of G’Day World, you can find the schedule on our Google Calendar.

    Of course you can also send me a voicemail HERE and we’ll play it and make fun of you for being too lame to actually come on the show.

    Featured track is NEW MUSIC by the one and only PUBLIC ENEMY
    Rebirth Of A Nation

    from “Rebirth Of A Nation”
    by Public Enemy Featuring Paris
    Guerrilla Funk Recordings

    Help Me Test Skypecasting

    With the new open G’Day World format, I want to test out some of these systems that allow hugh multi-party VOIP calls. Skype now have something called “Skypecasts” which I’m going to try out on G’Day World 172 next Monday. If you’re around at 10am AEST, why not help me test it out!

    Details here.

    Dave Gray Gets A Letter From Apple Authorizing “podcast”

    Remember in October when Dave Gray, one of the hosts of TPN’s GlobalGeek podcast, sent a letter to Apple with a cheque for $1 for using the term “podcast”? I thought he was just kidding around but apparently he did actually send the letter and the cheque – to Steve Jobs. Seriously.

    Well… yesterday he got a reply.

    (link to the full story)

    Okay so I know we all know by now that Apple weren’t going to go after genuine podcasters (at least that’s their story THIS week). But it’s still good to have it in writing. Good on ya Dave!

    DIGG This.

    Your Chance To Come On The Show

    Well it’s Year Three of the G’Day World podcast and as always I’m going to frak around with the format.

    As you may already know, G’Day World invented Skypecasting. We were the very first people EVER to record a Skype call as a podcast. Don’t believe me? It’s in Wikipedia so it must be true (and no, I didn’t put it up there).

    And now I think I’m ready to invent something else.

    I had the insane idea today that I could create a Google Calendar specifically for the show and open it wide up so ANYONE can see when I plan to record a new episode. Then, if Google Calendar works the way I think it does, any of you should be able to add the G’Day World schedule to your Google Account and then, if you want to come on the show LIVE, all you need to do is jump into the entry for the day in question, add your Skype ID and the topic you’d like to discuss, and I’ll hook you into the show! Am I craaaaazy or what? Then we’ll be one-step closer to LIVE RADIO and that’s gotta scare the pants off ’em. Even more.

    Hopefully, if this whacko scheme is going to work at all, you will be able to use the below code to add the G’Day World calendar to your Google Account. Give it a go and tell me what happens.

    UPDATE: okay well I already discovered that you can’t edit the details or add yourselves like I imagined. Anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish what I’m trying to do using Google Calendar?

    The iPod by 2012

    …by 2012, iPods could launch at similar prices to those on sale now and yet be capable of holding a whole year’s worth of video releases.

    That’s a quote from Nikesh Arora, Google’s VP of European operations, speaking at the FT World Communications Conference. (link)

    I agree, but it reminds me of something Microsoft VP Jeff Raikes said on a visit to Australia around about 2000. I remember him talking to the MSFT staff over breakfast and predicting that by 2005 most televisions would ship with a terabyte hard drive, enough to store a year’s worth of programming. What happened? Storage costs have continued to come down over the last few years and you can buy a 250gb hard drive now for about $200. So a terabyte should cost about $1000. Still way to much for you to tack onto the cost of a TV. So what happened?

    Still, it is undeniable that storage costs are continuing to drop and that we should see that trend continue for some time. And as storage costs and wifi rates drop, the mobile devices will increasingly become portable media players. TPN was built around that vision two years ago. By 2010, I expect the vast majority of the one billion mobile phones in circulation to be mobile entertainment devices. And someone has to build the content that goes on them. These devices by then will have open access to the internet and the “walled garden” models that mobile carriers like to push today will have mostly disappeared. Anyone will be able to download any content and will be charged either a fixed rate by their carrier or might even get free internet access in return for targeted advertising (easier to do on a mobile device than it is on a PC).

    It’s going to be interesting to watch the end game between mobile handsets manufacturers (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc), Apple, and the mobile carriers, as they battle over business models, voice traffic versus VOIP, etc.

    Holy Shit! I missed the G’Day World anniversary!

    Here I was thinking we did the first show on November 29, 2004 and I just realized it was November 26!!! So I missed it. Happy 2nd Birthday to Australian podcasting! In celebration, I’ve thrown the very first show into the feed so you can all re-listen to it! For some of you it might be the first time!

    Thanks to everyone who has supported and listened to the show over the last couple of years. It’s certainly changed my life and it’s opened up all sorts of new experiences and relationships for me. Hard to believe this has been TWO YEARS OF MY LIFE. Jesus. You don’t get that for trucking kickbacks to corrupt regimes.


    STIRR Sydney

    I’ll be attending this little shindig in Sydney next week if anyone wants to catch up for a drink:

    STIRR is a casual event for people who work in Internet start ups. It’s brought to you by the STIRR Network and our sponsors: Technology Venture Partners, Atlassian and Tangler. It’s a fun way to meet some new people and laugh about life online. Grab a drink, grab a fancy party pie and chat. This is our first one here, so there is a little bit of ‘how do you think it should go’ and a little bit of ‘let’s see how it goes’.