The Root Of All Evil?

I can’t tell you how exhilarated I am tonight after watching Richard Dawkins’ two-part DVD “The Root Of All Evil?“. For years I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the feeling that I should just accept christianity as a reasonable viewpoint. Particularly as my boys grow up, I find it unreasonable that they should be told that the religious perspective is as equally valid a way of thinking about the world and their place in it as a rational, reason-based perspective which takes in all of the facts available to them.

Earlier today I also listened to the Point of Inquiry podcast with Sam Harris, author of “Letter To A Christian Nation” and it was equally as exhilarating. To finally have some highly erudite statesmen for the reason-based community is a relief and inspiration, even though the message they are delivering, that reason is on a slippery slope in the West at the moment, is one that is deeply concerning to me.

Humanity has had to endure thousands of years of persecution and being held back from progress as a result of the particular mythologies of the leaders of our societies. Too many millions of people had to die to get us to the privileged position we are in the 21st century, where we have the freedom to review the facts and make a reason-based decision on how the world works and our position in it.

The thought that religious zealots could reverse that trend, sending us back to the dark ages, should be terrifying to any sane person.

G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 178 – The Nuclear Debate

Today my guests are TPN’s host of The Atomic Show, Rod Adams, and we’re very honoured to have with us again the Wisconsin Secretary of State, Doug La Follette.

**I want to apologize straight off for the poor sound quality. Despite a soundcheck, my mic settings were way off and I’ve done the best I can to make it survivable.**

Doug tells us a little about his recent trip to Thailand and then the gents discuss the pros and cons of nuclear energy versus other forms of alternative energy.

Some other links:

Rod mentioned the Externe report that was supported by the European
Commission. Here is a link to that study.

The Wikipedia link to Thomas Malthus – the intellectual founder of the Zero Population Growth
(ZPG) issue.

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G’Day World in 2007

Yeah yeah… I can hear what you’re saying.. “Don’t tell me he’s going to try another format change which will last a week and then he’ll forget…”.

Well maybe. But you can’t blame a guy for trying.

So here’s what I think I’m going to try to do in 2007.

Starting Jan 1st, I’m going to try to record a show EVERY WEEK NIGHT. It might be long, it might be short, it might be an interview I’ve recorded earlier in the day. Sometimes I may have to pull out due to other commitments. But either way I plan to do a show a day.

The schedule of shownotes, guests and talking points will be up here:
G’Day World Shownotes. Rather than keep a separate notebook for each show I think I’ll just keep sub-headings under this folder. I’ll also keep the links to the calendar and forum here as well. Makes it all rinky dinky easy, huh? Let’s see how long I can keep this one up! 🙂

Oh and Molly, Tony… bite me. I’ve had a “ridiculously strong influence” on Miriam’s life. 🙂