Get Stupid

I’m introducing my kids to Season One of Get Smart this morning before school because I figured it’s about time they understood why I always say “Good thinking 99”. Reading up on this history of the series on Wikipedia I learned about a new movie version due to go into production in early 2007 which will star Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. Carl Birkmeyer from the Get Smart site has written a pretty disparaging review of the movie script and his criticisms sound valid. I can imagine Carell playing Max but, as Carl says, they need to get the character right. And to do that the producers need to get Mel Brooks involved. How can you possibly make Get Smart without Mel Brooks? Unfortunately Don Adams passed away last year so he won’t be providing a cameo. Here’s an interesting obituary about him.

G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 176 – Ross Dawson on The Future Of Business

Ross Dawson is a strategy consultant, keynote speaker, and bestselling author. He runs a company called Future Exploration Network, a global events and consulting firm specializing in the future of business.

Earlier in 2006 he ran the The Future Of Media Summit and we chatted for a while last week about the future of media and the future of innovation in business.

You can read his Future Of Media report here.

Keep up to date with his views of the world from his blog.

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The G’Day World Theme Song is “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts.

TuneSleeve – an awesome iTunes art app

I’ve been using iArt for a few months to get missing mp3 art. But I have found something better. Dave and Knightwise talked about it on Global Geek Podcast #30. It’s called TuneSleeve and I’ll tell you a few of the reasons why I like it.

1. It has an option to delete the current art and replace it with new art – this is important because iTunes has been flaking out on the art side of things for the last couple of revs and my art is more screwed up than a Muslim working in the White House.

2. Even while it is download art automatically, it shows you the art is has pulled up for each album as well as any art that it couldn’t find (because, for example, your tags aren’t complete). But this is the coolest bit – it has a little search tool built into each missing art box. You can click on that and it will automatically bring up a search page with a list of artwork options. You can drag the one you want into TuneSleeve and it attaches it! Very slick.

For bringing me this piece of album art goodness, I am declaring The Global Geek Podcast my random feed of the day.

TPN Random Feed Of The Day – Today in Music History

How many TPN shows do you listen to? Just G’Day World? Then you are missing out on some great ear juice.

Here’s one you should have, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to go to work and spout of random bits of trivia to impress your colleagues.

Brian Ibbott’s “Today in Music History” podcast comes out every week day and takes a look at significant events from the history of popular music. Brian is, of course, one of the most famous podcasters on the planet. He’s been producing “Coverville” since, oh about 1964, and has millions of listeners.


Mohammed Al Fayed has a blog

Reading up on Lord Stevens’ report on the death of Diana and Dodi this morning and it lead me to searching for Mohammed Al Fayed’s response. This is turn lead me his blog which looks pretty new. I’ve invited him to come on the show to discuss the report in depth. I personally expect the British establishment to cover up any wrongdoings in such a case, so Lord Steven’s report means little. The only way to get the truth on this affair would be to have a wholly independent inquiry and I don’t know how you make something like that happen, especially so long after the event. So much of the evidence and witnesses have been “misplaced” by now.

G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 175 – Hanan Lifshitz, Palore

Today my guest is Hanan Lifshitz, founder and CEO of Palore, joining me from Israel.

Palore is a browser plug-in that pulls together reviews of businesses (restaurants, plumbers, etc) from across the web and let’s you view them directly from the website of the business. I think services like this will be key to us using the web to make better decisions about which businesses we give our hard-earned dollars to.

Hanan gives us a bit of background on the business, the vision for the future and explains his ideas about “Contextual RSS”.

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The G’Day World Theme Song is “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts.

Wake Up, Breathe, Keep Breathing

Another from my list of great albums you probably haven’t heard is “Dead Inside” by The Golden Palominos. I remember buying this cd when it came out in 96 because of one thing – the cover.

Dead Inside

I’d never heard of the Palominos but this cover grabbed me. I was in JB Hi-Fi, looking for something different, looking to expand my musical horizons. And hell, did I.

For this, their last true album, Anton Fier (the main guy behind the GP) pulled in New York poet Nicole Blackman to write and perform the spoken-word lyrics about murder, rape, torture, and a city that kills its young against an atmospheric soundspace.

Click on the cover art above to sample some of the tracks.

G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 174 – Simon McKeon

This is the second show in my series of interviews with Melbourne’s top business and government leaders that I’m calling “Melbourne’s Top Dogs“. On this show, I’m very fortunate to interview Simon McKeon, Executive Chairman of the Melbourne office of Macquarie Bank, aka “The Millionaire Factory”, Australia’s premier investment bank.
Simon McKeon
Simon is an inspiring bloke. Not only has he risen from humble beginnings at Dandenong East Primary School through to the top of Australia’s corporate ranks, he’s also a genuine social activist. Five years ago, at the age of 45, Simon went part-time at Macquarie Bank to focus more of his energy on other pursuits – such as his role as a Director of World Vision, Chairman of corporate social responsibility organisation Melbourne Cares, chairing the Australian Federal Government’s takeover panel and volunteering as a counselor to heroin addicts at a St Kilda clinic. Oh and he is also a world champion speed sailor.

During the interview we talked about his background, his motivations, how he handles criticism, and how important empathy is in his dealings with people.

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The G’Day World Theme Song is “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts.

Waking Up To A Red Sun

red sun 01

The bushfires in Melbourne have turned the sun red this morning. Here are a couple of shots I took from our street corner. I’ve told the boys this means we’ll have Kryptonian gravity today and by the time the sun turns yellow again we’ll all have superpowers. Hey, it’s no worse than telling them that Santa is real.

A sweet moment with Hunter last night – they were showing us some pictures they had made at school during the day and Hunter was trying to keep one back from me. When I asked why, it turned out it was a picture of the animals which were involved in the Nativity Play and Hunter said “I didn’t want to show you this one because I know you don’t believe in baby Jesus. I don’t either but they made me do it. I’ll give this one to Mummy instead.”

Awwww. He’s six.

red sun 02