TPN SL pool party

SL pool party_002 Originally uploaded by cameronreilly Last night there were a few of us hanging out at TPN HQ. Where were you?

2Clix – The First Australian Web2.0 Casualty?

Now that a couple of weeks have passed since the 2Clix legal case against Whirlpool was been dropped, I thought it would be an opportune time to examine the impact the decision to initiate legal action has had on the company’s brand. Unfortunately I don’t...

Help Taylor Win A PC

You’ve heard him on the show (link), now help him make his dream of having his own PC come true by voting for Tay on this site. It’ll take you a couple of seconds, tops. Make a small boy happy.

John Cleese on TPN

The big press release went out today announcing that John Cleese (yes, THAT John Cleese) will be producing a new series of podcasts which will be hosted on TPN. Read the full announcement here. What a coup, huh? This is something we’ve been working on for a...

G’DAY WORLD #295 – Vanessa Stacy, the Web2.0 Stripper

I recently caught up with Vanessa Stacy, aka Vanessa the Undressa, aka the Geek Stripper, aka GoldCoastGirl on Twitter, for lunch and a chat about how she uses Web 2.0 tools like MySpace, YouTube and Twitter to market her business – which just happens to be...
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