leather ipod pouch

leather ipod pouch

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I went to the Rose Street Artist Market in Fitzroy for the first time today (well apart from attending the annual graffiti art exhibitions held there) and I thought it was totally brilliant. I’m so sick of going to so-called ‘markets’ in melbourne and seeing the same old shit everywhere. Everything in Rose St looks like a one-off original piece of art. It’s kind of like a real-life Etsy. I picked up some clothes and this little leather pouch. At the time I didn’t know what I’d do with it, I just liked it. When I got back to the car I decided it was the perfect size for my touch and headphones. I’d rather this than something off-the-shelf at my local Apple store.

Also got ready today for the big Reilly garage sale tomorrow. If you’re in Melbourne, and you envy my CD collection (1500 cds of the finest music EVAH), then come to 297 Ballarat St Yarraville around 10am.

Help Chris Saad Design a Logo

Classic situation for Chris Saad. Read his blog below. Anyone want to help him design a new logo? While you’re at it, I’m still looking for a LOTU logo. I’m thinking I might copy someone’s logo, try to get a C&D myself. Looks like it’s a good way to get free publicity.
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As many of you may know Red Hat recently sent a Cease and Desist claiming that our DataPortability logo was too similar (Identical, in their words) to their Fedora Logo.

While the claim is arguable, we have decided that rather than dispute the issue, we would take the advice of community members to hold a Logo Competition to replace the current logo with a new one.

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G’Day World #315 – Maria Sipka, Linqia

Maria Sipka

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Aussie entrepreneur Maria Sipka (and her husband JC) over breakfast in Yarraville by Ryan Trainor (G’Day World #280). We had a great chat and a few days ago I chatted to her from her home in Barcelona. Maria has a fascinating story – born in Bratislava, Slovakia, immigrated to Australia when she was a child, in her early twenties she learned how to leverage lots of investment properties and then decided it wasn’t all about money and went on a search for a greater purpose. This has lead her to Barcelona and her new start-up, Linqia, a meta-search site for online communities and groups, which has just gone into public beta.

We talk about Linqia, “The Starfish And The Spider“, zen buddhism, her recent wedding in New Delhi (see above photo) and her motto that “The person you are in five years is determined by the books you read and the people you associate with”.


The music on this episode includes:

Black ViolinBlack Violin
“Brandenburg” (mp3)
from “Black Violin”
(Di Versatile, Inc)

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Only the Lonely...Cowboy Elvis, Cowboy Elvis
“The Bartender’s Song” (mp3)
from “Only the Lonely…”
(RecEDGe Records)

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