A Tip For Using the Lexmark z1420 on Leopard

If you, like me, bought a Lexmark z1420 wireless printer and you, like me, have spent the last four hours trying to get your Macbook Pro to connect to the bloody thing then you, like me, should go to THIS SITE and download the special Leopard drivers which Lexmark neglected to put on the frakking installation disc or even make reference to in their little booklet! It’s April 2008. Leopard was released on October 26, 2007. Not good enough. Thanks for wasting four hours of my life Lexmark – I hate you.

My Free Will Flowchart

As I’m continually finding myself discussing the subject of free will with people recently, I created this flowchart to better explain my perspective on the issue.

Free Will Flowchart

If you have rebuttals and answers to the questions I pose on the negative side of the chart, please contribute them here in the LOTU forum.