Anyone Looking For Violin Lessons in Brisbane?

UPDATE: 2013-05-22

Well Chrissy is now my wife, not my girlfriend, and her Suzuki violin & viola studio has been going strong in Brisbane for four years. She has a full contingent and is hard pressed to fit in new students, but feel free to contact her just in case she has a spot.

Original Post Published on: May 31, 2009

I usually don’t talk about my private life here, but today I have to make an exception.

My lovely girlfriend, Christine Dunaway (@fddlgrl on Twitter), is moving from Seattle, Washington to Brisbane in July! No, we didn’t meet on Twitter, we actually met on the island of Corsica last year while we were both there for the Napoleon conference. Chrissy  was there to perform at the gala dinner (she’s definitely NOT a Napoleon geek!).

Chrissy is a Suzuki violin teacher with 10 years teaching experience (she’s not as young as she looks!) and for the last year has been the Director of The Suzuki Academy at Seattle Music Center. As she’s moving to Brisbane, she will be setting up a new music school and will be looking for students to start immediately!

She will be looking for students from age 4 up to adults and from beginners to advanced in Brisbane who want violin lessons or viola lessons starting in July 2009.

Chrissy is a very popular teacher in Seattle (check out some of the testimonials from parents of students on her site) and I’m sure she’ll be just as sought after here.

So if you’ve got kids in Brisbane wanting violin or viola lessons – or even if you want to learn yourself – check out her new website for more information!

Salbuchi explains the Global Financial Collapse

Fascinating explanation on YouTube by Argentinian analyst Adrian Salbuchi on what the financial collapse is all about. He suggests that the entire financial system is "extreme capitalism" and a giant Ponzi scheme which will end in another global world war, the same way that the depression of the 30s was ended.

Part 1

Part 2

Salbuchi goes on to explain the "new world orders" that we’ve already seen arise over the last century that were engineered out of WWI and WWII and the next "new world order", a world government. I’m a fan or having a world government – if it’s a legitimate democracy – but his explanation is quite dystopian, an unelected, unofficial world government run by private corporations and, in particular, a small handful of think tanks and lobby groups. Hey – isn’t that the world we already have? Yes – and that seems to be his point. Salbuchi says there is no conspiracy theory involved – all of the players are out in the open.

Part 1

Part 2

Letterman Apologizes To Bill Hicks!

I have to thank @BrisbaneGirl for this one, she told me about it this morning over coffee.

It seem that back in January, Letterman invited the legendary Bill Hicks‘ mother onto the show to formally apologize in public for cutting Bill’s Oct 1993 stand-up routine from the show. Apparently Letterman and his producer were concerned about Bill’s jokes about Jesus. As Bill Hicks’ fans know, he died 5 months later from pancreatic cancer.

Not only did Dave apologize back in January, he played the banned stand-up routine. It’s pretty moving.

 Here it is:

Here are the first two parts of the full interview.

Part One

Part Two