recording from GDay World Live 290909

Recordings from tonight’s live show. It’s in three parts because uStream kept dropping out. Ugh. And the audio on the first two parts is peaking, but they aren’t very long.

We talked mostly about the implications of the discovery that Hitler’s skull belongs to a woman and about how to overthrow the Obama Nation.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Todd Whitaker Speaks Out About The Mormon Church

Todd Whitaker, the Mormon who bravely spoke out against LDS bigtory inside the church and had uploaded his speech to YouTube, added some background to the story in the comments section to my post. He said:

Todd here…WOW What a Great Thread this is, I Guess speaking the truth in my ward seems to have caught on to many other wards here in california. The church is trying to Silence what is happening just as they tried to silence me but I have had several phone calls in reference to My testimony and how it has inspired so many to think outside the box and see how wrong this church was in participating in a political election. So Many are waking up Now to LDS Policy and are having their names removed from all church records by the Hundreds, As a 7th Generation Pioneer Heritage Mormon with family that died at the hands of Indians settling in southern Utah under the direction Of brigham Young in a Ghost town called “Grafton” My Family has shed Its Own Blood for this Church, Im Very Glad To have brought So Much Truth and uncovered an Evil Act Towards Minority groups in America, as I have stated on several other posts, I Only video Taped this event so that My Father who is Very Old and Ill, could witness this event as he is so very proud of his children for Not allowing Bigotry into their lives…This WAS an Honest Testimony and With my tithe dollars and fast offerings They Still shut off the Mic…Im glad the world has a chance to see the REAL MORMON CHURCH in action for a change’….Todd Whitaker

Once again Todd, you have my respect for taking a stance against this bigotry. With a family background such as this, I’m sure it was a difficult thing to go through, but hopefully it will give other Mormons the courage to follow in your footsteps. Sure – most will stick their head in the sand and just repeat their mantras over and over to justify their actions. But history has taught us that it only takes a relatively small number of people who have the courage to speak out against intolerance to start the snowball rolling. Hopefully you’ve started something.

Obama’s Health Care Explained

I know you’ve all seen this video before, but here’s my translation:

The white team are the Democrats trying to push through health care.

The black team are the Republicans trying to stop it.

And the moonwalking bear? He’s America’s Military Industrial Complex, selling 70% of the world’s arms, overthrowing countries, and stealing natural resources from developing countries.

Former Insurance Exec Confesses to Bill Maher

Wendell Potter, former Corporate Communications Exec at insurance giant Cigna, was on Bill Maher’s show last week talking about how Big Insurance are screwing Americans. He talks, among other things, about how he worked when at Cigna to discredit Michael Moore’s film "SICKO" when it came out but how the film was "exactly right". Watch the interview here.

In a related story, it seems that the woman who came up with the "death panels" rhetoric, Betsy McCaughey, is the same woman who worked with Big Tobacco to develop a disinformation campaign to kill health care reform under the Clinton administration.

Microsoft? Yeah right.

I just watched the Microsoft "Courier" Tablet video on Gizmodo (see the bottom of this post if you haven’t seen it already) and it really looks amazing… until you realize that Microsoft has been making amazing looking futuristic videos for a decade and what have they delivered? Nada.

I was working at Microsoft back in 2000 when they came out with the infamous "Steve Masters" video. Check it out below.

Pretty impressive, huh? That was NINE YEARS AGO. And what does Microsoft have in the market that looks ANYTHING like that today?

You tell me.

So I’m sorry Microsoft. Deliver something cool, deliver on your vision just ONCE (outside of XBOX 360 of course, that *is* cool) and I might believe your futuristic videos again. But until then, why not be more like Apple and actually invest your energies into actually MAKING cool products instead of videos telling us how cool your products will be one day?

Here’s the Courier Tablet video if you haven’t already seen it: