Australian priest to be sentenced on 29 counts of abuse

According to

Father Jim Denham, a priest of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, will be sentenced next month on 29 counts of child sexual abuse. Twenty-seven of the 40 men who allege abuse by the priest are seeking a settlement with the diocese.

Sentencing for this reprobate has apparently been dragging on since JUNE 2009. I wonder what shady deals the Catholics are trying to pull in the background so they can save a few more bucks?

Keep in mind always that these incidents are NOT just “a few bad apples” – sexual abuse was systematically hidden and protected by Catholic leadership from the Popes on down for decades. Why haven’t we had a Royal Commission into Catholic sexual abuse in this country yet, like they did in Ireland? Especially as we know that many Irish priests were moved out there when they got themselves into trouble?

No Illusions Podcast #6 – Angie The Anti-Theist

One of my favourite “new atheists” is Angie Jackson aka “Angie The Anti-Theist”. At only 27, she’s beenĀ blogging, tweeting & YouTubing up a storm for the last two years since she googled her grandmother and discovered she had spent her whole life growing up in an extreme Christian cult. Now she’s fighting again faith in all its forms.

My Trip To Bangkok – Club Perdomo and Cigars

I got back today from a trip to Bangkok for a couple of days. The purpose of the trip was to pay a site visit to Club Perdomo Bangkok, a gentleman’s club built around Perdomo cigars. I’ve recently taken on Perdomo Cigars Australia as a new digital strategy client and, as someone who loves a cigar every now and then and who has come to appreciate the Perdomo brand over the last year, it was a very exciting trip. If you’re interested in such things, you can read about it on the Perdomo blog.