Launching Twittories #3!

It’s been 18 months…. time to try again! On December 6 2007, I had this crazy idea about collaborating with people on Twitter to write short stories. I called it TWITTORIES (a portmanteau of Twitter and Stories). I invited 140 people to sign up to write...

No Illusions Podcast #10 – Ministry of Ethics

On this episode, Chrissy and I chat with our friend Angus Scown (@angusscown) about living on a hippy commune (Angus, his wife and kids live at Crystal Waters, an eco-village a couple of hours north of Brisbane) and why Australia needs a MINISTRY OF ETHICS. Chrissy...

Why Science Works

I’ve put up a new post on the LOTU blog about why the scientific method is the best way to work out how the world really works. This is for my friends and family who don’t get it.
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