Dawkins Speaks Out Against The Pope

An excellent speech from Richard Dawkins. He explains that the Hitler was a Catholic and a Christian, NOT an atheist as the Pope is trying to claim, and then delves into some of the other stupid ideas this Ratzinger Pope has.

If you consider yourself a Catholic, you should think hard about these issues and ask yourself if you want to be associated with a man and a church with this history behind them.

No Illusions #14 – Riding 4 A Cause

Today I chat with Rob James and Andrew Blanda – two guys who, with their mate Raz Chorev, are trying to do something to raise awareness of male depression.

What are they doing?

They will embark on their first major ride in September 2010, from Sydney to theĀ Glen Helen Resort, NT, (joining Steve Andrews from the Black Dog Ride), in an Australia-wide initiative to educate the community about Male Depression.

Listen in as we chat about depression, something that one-in-five Australians suffers from at some point in their lives.