Shaming Women

So sayeth Saint Paul. When he wrote this, in the late 40s or 50s CE, women in the Roman Empire were still respected in religious rites, such as the all-female Bona Dea cult and of course the Vestal Virgins. In Judaism, their role was much more limited. I find it...
Chris Hedges on Assange

Chris Hedges on Assange

Hedges is one of the journalists I always read. Check out his take on the Assange expulsion and imprisonment. For my take on the situation, listen to our Bullshit Filter podcast from last week (subscription required).

My Thoughts On Mueller and Russiagate

The tl;dr version: 1. My basic policy is that most people in power are possibly psychopaths (see my new book The Psychopath Economy) and therefore we should investigate them as often as we can. Trump especially falls into this category, as do many of the people around...
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