Gday World 364 – What Do Obama, CS Lewis, Fidel Castro and Sean Penn Have In Common?

They are all featured in today’s show!

On today’s show I just have another little heart-to-heart chat with anyone out there who is still listening. Among other things, I talk about:

    The State of TPN’s finances
    The threat of marketing spam on Twitter
    Obama’s plan for Cuba
    Sean Penn’s interviews with Chavez and Raul Castro
    Obama’s encourage of stem cell research
    Some talk about my book Debunking Christianity For Dummies and why it’s important to debate Christians in public
    My review of CS Lewis’ book ‘Mere Christianity

14 thoughts on “Gday World 364 – What Do Obama, CS Lewis, Fidel Castro and Sean Penn Have In Common?

  1. I’m a first time listener, only familiar with TPN Rock. Good luck in your search for work.

    I’ll have to stick around for news at least, as I really want a Debunking Christianity For Dummies book. I’m not the debating type and I’m fine with people keeping their beliefs, but it would still be nice to counter some of the arguments that come my way.

  2. I’m here! and I’m listening. Always enjoy your podcasts. Pledged my $10/month today. I hope you manage to keep things going.


  3. Cameron,

    Sorry to hear about your financial situation! There’s gotta be something you can do. Surely Darren Rowes might have some tips? You are way too talented, smart, and charismatic to not find financial success in the world of media. Have you considered TV? Reporting? Subscription service? I did send you a small donation a few months ago, and if I weren’t in a similar boat I’d send you another. Your work is appreciated very much! Hang in there somehow!

  4. @Nathan – welcome to the show! What if those beliefs people hold are going to bring about the end of society? I truly believe that people walking around believing in demons and mythological deities is a danger to the human race. Especially in this era of WMD.

    @Samagination – thanks, I really appreciate the support!

    @Mark – thanks, Darren is the big money guy, I know him well. Nice guy. I did try the subscription service (or donation service) but not many people have taken up a monthly stipend option.

  5. Good to hear a general rant show Cam. Don’t let it be so long between them next time. The shows are cathartic, for all of us!

  6. Hey Cam,

    Sorry to hear about your financial state. I’d hate to see you remembered as the Moses of new media, they guy who lead everyone to the new media promised land but failed to get in himself. (1) because it will mean TPN has died and (2) because I know the biblical illusion will irk you no end. If it does come to that I can promise to refer to you as the Guns n Roses of new media. The band that paved the way for the early 90s grunge revolution but failed to get there themselves.

    RE: C.S Lewis I once heard from a CS Lewis fan that he once said Christians should not explore “the historical Jesus” as that would lead them astray from the faith. As far as writing the book sincerely all the best but I think you can do better than just a small handbook. None the less if you do decide to go bigger I would recommend reading NT Wright’s “Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense” this is often considered a more up to date kind of version of “Mere Christianity” I haven’t read it but I have read other some other Wright books. He’s probably the most highly regarded intelligent orthodox evangelical scholar around at the moment, and although a fan of CS Lewis would not want to hide from “the historical Jesus. Also I’d recommend reading John Spong’s “Christianity fo the non-religious” as I have often heard atheists criticize liberal Christians for giving breathing space to fundamentalists but I don’t think this is fair to them it would be fairer to confront their beliefs head on. Do these two and I think you could go from a good book to a ground breaking book.

    Anyway all the best. 🙂

  7. Hey Chris, you know I love your work. 🙂

    I would like to read Spong actually. In fact I’ve love to do an interview with him. Heard him interviewed on Triple J many years ago and liked the cut of his jib.

    I can understand why Lewis would tell people to avoid the historical Jesus. That’s because as soon as you scratch the surface, you will realize that there isn’t one! Which puts the whole mythology on a very unstable footing! 🙂

  8. Well I can recommend “Christianity for the non-religious” as a good start for exploring Spong. Who I think will argue that there was a historical Jesus just not one with all the miracles etc…

  9. Great, I’ll look for it. It’s pretty hard for ANYONE to make a credible case for the historical Jesus when there isn’t a single eyewitness account of his life. How on Earth can you suggest we could ever know anything about who someone was or what they said or did when not a single witness recorded it? It’s a lost cause.

  10. Hey Cameron. I don’t know if you remember me but I used to run Podcast Junky UK where I reviewed podcasts. You might also remember me once telling you that yours was the first ever podcast I ever listened to about 3 years ago… man, that opening, “Listen… Learn… Evolve” is just so evocative… the first opening to the first podcast I ever listened to.

    Cameron, I’ve always admired the way that you took a real chance and came out of a nine-to-five job and set up this whole network with such a diverse range of podcasts.

    I know you might feel like kicking my butt for suggesting this, but a few months ago Adam Curry mentioned that he’s like to go to Australia this year… isn’t there any way that TPN and Mevio could get together in some mutual way? Now I’m not too sure what relationship you guys have (if any) but TPN content on Mevio might just save all the thousands of podcasts you have on your servers and also add some content to Mevio. It’s just an idea.

    Look, I’ve been a totally passionate about podcasting ever since I downloaded my first podcasts over 3 years ago… just as passionate now as I was then, in fact the only thing that sometimes gets in the way of me listening to all the dozens and dozens of podcasts when I want to is me now producing me own podcast instead of reviewing them like I used to.

    I’m not the only one who really wishes that TPN not only survives, but goes from strength to strength. You have loads of listeners, you have loads of content… and like you say, people need to be “educated” about new media… so get out there Cameron and educate some people.

    This economic downturn might just be what podcasting needs to monetise targeted listeners with advertisers looking to target their products and services.

    All the best to you Cameron… hang in there… and dig down for some of that enthusiasm that you had when you started this journey / venture.


  11. Hey Alex, of course I remember you and I’ve always appreciated your reviews. I’ve never spoken to Adam, although I did send him a couple of emails a few years ago but never got a reply. I seriously think TPN would be too small for Meevio to have much interest in. And I don’t think my vision of an intelligent independent media really maps to Adam’s vision. Still, if he’s coming out this way, I’ll definitely try to hook up with him. Thanks for the tip.

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