Hey… I’m still here

Yeah I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks. I expected to have more time / bandwidth in France than I ended up getting. And I’m currently editing a podcast that I recorded in Ajaccio with an Israeli historian Allon Klebanoff about J. S. Bach which will be up soon. Meanwhile, I’m crazy busy with client work and family stuff.

This week I’m also interviewing pop star Leo Sayer (who’s “Living In A Fantasy” album was the first LP I ever bought and it’s still a favourite) and I want to do a show about American anti-war activist Howard Zinn who I was recently introduced to by a new friend I met in Ajaccio.

My trip to France was AMAZING by the way. I should do a show on that as well at some stage. I wish I’d kept my video camera on all the time so I could record the “Buskers Of Paris” podcast. I met loads of new friends, many of whom you’ll meet via the show over the coming months. I met a couple of Israeli historians (in addition to Allon) who will come on to discuss the roots of anti-Semitism and a Swiss-Cuban ballet journalist / historian who will come on to debate the legacy of the Castro regime with me. And much much more.

Of course I also recorded all of the Napoleonic Society’s congress in Corsica and shot a bunch of video in Paris with my Napoleon co-host David Markham, all of which will be coming out on a DVD pack in the near future (yes, you’ll have to pay for it you cheap bastards).

So…. I’m BACK with a fury, ladies and gentlemen. Get ready to rumble.

2 thoughts on “Hey… I’m still here

  1. Welcome home, Cameron. We are all a bit twitchy, suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of Camcasts. Looking forward to OD’ing on a fulsome diet of innovative (as always)upcoming podcasts. Your work is very much appreciated.

  2. Looking forward to hear about your trip to France. Me I am totally Frankophil and spent every summer and spring through the 80’s down there on the “Riviera”.
    I plan to go next year again.

    By the way did you run in to Dan Fitzgerald: http://www.lostwandering.com/ ( a very infamous/famous busker from New York) living and busking out of Paris?
    Him and the gang are well known all over Europe and the states.

    Met him and his band in Hamburg several times during the 80’s.
    And I even did a few “pitches” together with them.
    They’re called “The lost wandering Blues Band”.
    Me I was steady with “The Honolulu Hip Shakers” out of Hamburg in those days (with Henry Heggen, Michael Knube , Martin Wichmann & I…sometimes Abbi Wallenstein).

    Was a busker myself for many years all over Europe, so I know heaps of people on the scene.
    We even have an annual festival each year.

    I was just in Oslo and met a few of them…wrote about it here: http://studio45design.blogspot.com/ …with heaps of pix.

    And I must also say I am fully with Lindsey and what she’s saying there.. 🙂

    P.S. There’s a Napoleon graphics novel draft sitting in your mail stack…just waiting for you 🙂


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