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GDay World 379 - Looking Back

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in a cafe here in Brisbane, reading, thinking about how unlikely it was that Chrissy and I were both in Ajaccio at the same time last year. How, statistically, we should never have met. And then I started thinking about what lead me there… about...Read More »

A podcast all about Brisbane

After a year of talking about it, I’ve finally decided to launch a podcast about Brisbane – Brisbane Confidential. The goal is to produce a weekly video magazine highlighting some of the best bits of Brisbane – the cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, gigs, boutique shops and people that are making...Read More »

GDAY WORLD 378 - Dr Paul Twomey, da Big Boss of da interwebs

Paul TwomeyFor the last six years, Dr Paul Twomey (born in Dalby QLD, raised in Brisbane) has been running the interwebs. SRSLY. As CEO / President of ICANN, he’s been the guy who makes sure all of the tubes and pipes are clean and smooth. I got to chat with him...Read More »

GDay World 377 - Can Your Mobile Phone Save The Planet?

TPN500That was the subject of a debate I was part of last week, run by AIMIA QLD. There were four of us on the panel and I was part of the “NO” team. Not by choice. It was fun and tough to make a case AGAINST the mobile phone, especially...Read More »

Tweeting Brisbane City Council Meetings

Based on this month’s idea from SaveTheWorld.tv (and thanks to @fddlgrl for the link!), I’m going to attend one of the Brisbane City Council meetings each month and will blog/podcast/tweet from there. I think it’s a great idea for all of us to start to get more involved in local...Read More »

Funny Christian Pr0n Forum

Via deusexmalcontent: This forum "Teens Against Pornography" is a must read. Are you addicted to pornography?It’s a simple question. Are you? Have you ever decided to stop? Yeah, so have we. How long did it last for you? It even has a podcast! Teh pr0ncast offers practical, Christian-oriented advice to teens that desire to...Read More »

Attention Brisbane People: Can Your Mobile Phone Save The Planet

This coming Monday (May 18th) I will be participating in a debate at QPAC on the topic “Can Your Mobile Save The Planet?”. I am taking the NO position (well I’ve been told that the position I have to take) and you know that I AM THE WORLD’S GREATEST DEBATER!...Read More »

GDay World 376 - KEVLEX, a real-life superhero.

Today’s guest is the founder of the WORLD SUPERHERO REGISTRY, a website deals with the actual incorporation of the superhero archetype into daily life. His superhero name is KEVLEX (a portmanteau of “kevlar” and “spandex”). (note: this isn’t Kevlex – photo courtesy of Toastie14) We talked about what it takes to...Read More »

GDay World 375 - Dr Philip Nitschke on Euthanasia

Philip NitschkeDr Philip Nitschke, PhD, MBBS, BSc (Hons) is the Founder and Director of Exit International, the world’s leading Voluntary Euthanasia and end-of-life choices information and advocacy organisation. A few days after recording this interview, Philip and his wife were detained at London’s Heathrow airport for nine hours and denied access to...Read More »

GDay World 374 - Steve McDonald on Spiral Dynamics

Steve McDonaldThis is the recording from the live show I did last Tuesday. Find out how you can be part of the G’Day World Live experience here. My guest on the show is Steve McDonald from a company called Transcendence. Steve has consulted in change management, strategic planning and organisational development in the...Read More »

GDay World 373 - Kalle Lasn, Adbusters

Every now and again I get to chat with someone who has been an inspiration to me for many years – Noam Chomsky, Ray Kurzweil, Doc Searls, Leo Sayer, John Romero, Vint Cerf – and this is another of those episodes. Kalle Lasn is the founder of Adbusters magazine and author...Read More »

Rebel Priest Fr Peter Kennedy's Last St Mary's Mass

On 19 April, 2009, rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy said his last mass at St Mary’s Church in Brisbane, then he and his congregation stood up, marched out of the church, down the street, and into their new premises, where they are calling themselves “St Mary’s In Exile”. http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=4240286&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1Rebel Priest Fr...Read More »

GDay World 372 - Fi Bendall on How Social Media Is Challenging Corporate Cultures

Fi Bendall On G’Day World Live this week my guest was Fi Bendall from Bendalls Group. Fi is one of Australia’s best known digital strategists who has worked with clients from MTV to Amnesty. She came on to chat about how social media is challenging corporate cultures in Australia and what needs...Read More »

GDay World 371 - Tara Hunt, The Whuffie Factor

Tara HuntTara Hunt, author of the new book “The Whuffie Factor”, chats with me about whuffie – what it is, what we do with it, and how it changes the game. Follow Tara on Twitter or her blog and read about the book here. If you want to join me in...Read More »

GDay World 370 - Dr Greg Clarke on Australians and Jesus

My guest today is Dr Greg Clarke (PhD), Honorary Associate, Dept of Ancient History, Macquarie University and Director of the Centre for Public Christianity. We talk about the survey that the CPX has recently sponsored that finds that 55 per cent of Australians don’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead...Read More »

GDay World 369 - The Marathon

OMFG. Last night I did a live show with my most-excellent co-host Mr Nick Hodge and WE TALKED FOR FOUR HOURS. I kid you not. I only recorded the first THREE HOURS and I present them to you here (well the audio version anyway – to see the video you...Read More »

G'Day World Video - Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest, part three

Recently I spent an hour chatting with rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy in his South Brisbane church St Mary’s. Peter’s “sins” include talking about and promoting advaita and trying to include homosexuals and women in his services. View part one here and part two here. ...Read More »

G'Day World Video - Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest, part two

Recently I spent an hour chatting with rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy in his South Brisbane church St Mary’s. Peter’s “sins” include talking about and promoting advaita and trying to include homosexuals and women in his services. View part one here. http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=3996567&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest, Part Two from Cameron Reilly...Read More »

G'Day World Video - Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest, part one

Today I spent an hour chatting with rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy in his South Brisbane church St Mary’s. Peter’s “sins” include talking about and promoting advaita and trying to include homosexuals and women in his services. http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=3972804&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1Peter Kennedy, Rebel Priest – part 1 from Cameron Reilly on Vimeo. http://widget.chipin.com/widget/id/d3b7a44909380763 ...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD 368 - Suing The Pope

Irwin Zalkin Irwin Zalkin is a US attorney whose firm, The Zalkin Law Firm PC, specializes in clergy sexual abuse cases. He joins me to talk about the recent news that the Vatican can be sued in a United States court over alleged molestation by its priests. If you want to...Read More »

GDay World 367 - Jeffrey Katzenberg

  On today’s show I get to chat with one of the most powerful men in Hollywood – Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation – about their new film MONSTERS V ALIENS and the introduction of their new 3D technology. I also chat with the director of the film, Conrad Vernon. ...Read More »

GDay World 366 - Dr Peter Ellyard on "Mining The Sky"

Designing 2050Today I had the pleasure to catch up once again with G’Day World regular Dr Peter Ellyard, futurist, environmentalist, and author of “Designing 2050: Pathways To Sustainable Prosperity On Spaceship Earth” which is published by TPN TXT. Buy your copy now! I chatted with Peter today about the recent IPCC...Read More »

My Guest Post on Mumbrella

Tim Burrowes, formerly the editor of B&T Magazine and now the guy behind the excellent mumbrella blog about media and marketing, invited me to write a guest post there today. Excerpt and link below. clipped from mumbrella.com.au Guest post: If you want an independent media start supporting it As Mumbrella reported...Read More »

GDay World 365 - Climate Change Skeptics and Polyamory

This episode was recorded LIVE on Tuesday March 17, 2009. We have an audience following in a chat room on the G’Day World uStream page and my guests include: Ian Kath – The Polyamorist Nick Beaugeard – The Climate Change Skeptic and Kate Edwards – The Polyamory Skeptic ...Read More »

Gday World 364 - What Do Obama, CS Lewis, Fidel Castro and Sean Penn Have In Common?

They are all featured in today’s show! On today’s show I just have another little heart-to-heart chat with anyone out there who is still listening. Among other things, I talk about: The State of TPN’s finances The threat of marketing spam on Twitter Obama’s plan for Cuba Sean Penn’s interviews with Chavez and Raul...Read More »

G'day World #363 - Ben Templesmith, Comic Book Artist / Writer

If you read comics at all, you’re probably know who Ben Templesmith is already. If you don’t read comics – then why not? Anyway, Templesmith is an Australian-born comic book artist / writer who now lives and works in the USA where is perhaps best known for his work on 30...Read More »

GDay World 362 - Mara Bun, Green Cross Aust

My guest today is Mara Bun, CEO of Green Cross Australia. According to their site: Green Cross Australia is a new national NGO that works on the frontline of climate change: the human dimension. We anticipate and resolve conflicts over natural resources that put our environment at risk, and we foster...Read More »

GDay World 361 - Livewire Launch

Today my guests are Omar Kalifa, Managing Director, and Cinnamon Pollard, Partnership and Marketing Manager, of a new social networking site that is bring officially launched today called LIVEWIRE. According to their site: Livewire is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Starlight Children’s Foundation and is supported by funding from the...Read More »

G'Day World #360 - Jed Montgomery on Obama

When I was visiting my girl Chrissy in Seattle last October, I met her best friend Jed Montgomery. The four of us (including Jed’s partner Chris) had some vigorous debates about American politics. I was trying to make my point that for all of Obama’s intelligence and oratory, at the...Read More »

G'Day World #359 - Antony Loewenstein on Gaza

You’ve seen it in the news over the last month. On December 27, Israel broke a six-month truce with Hamas (the democratically-elected leaders of the Palestinian people living in Gaza) and launched a three-week long attack on the small, densely-populated region. Palestinian casualties – 1,400 dead including more than 400...Read More »

Cameron Is Available For Hire... and Needs Your Help

As some of you know, the main source of my income at the moment is producing podcasts for companies and government departments. Check this site for the basic pitch. I can produce podcasts for anyone anywhere in the world. Obviously video podcasts are limited to where I can get with...Read More »

G'Day World Redux - Vint Cerf, Father of The Internet

Back in May 2007 I was fortunate enough (thanks to Stan Relihan’s efforts) to score an interview with the great Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet. It was a wonderful conversation and definitely one of my favourite interviews. I hope you enjoy it (again). ...Read More »

G'Day World #358 - Greydon Square is back!

greydon square cpt theorem Rapper Greydon Square joins me again on the show to talk about his new album The CPT Theorem. If you haven’t heard of 27 year-old Greydon before (or heard my first interview with him), his story is interesting: he grew up (as Eddie Collins) in a Group Home in Compton, California,...Read More »

Single Man Cooking

By great demand, here’s my new video podcast – A Single Man’s Guide to Cooking Great Shit. ...Read More »

G'Day World Highlights - Dr John Demartini

End of DaysWell folks… it’s 2009 and I’m going through the archives, still trying to piece together the missing shows. I’m re-discovering lots of old shows myself and thinking “wow, I should listen to that one again”. And so, while I’m busy trying to fix stuff, I thought I’d plug a few...Read More »

G'Day World #357 - The Sammartino Method During A Crisis

End of DaysFirst show for 2009! Steve Sammartino, who you may remember from our earlier shows (see: G’Day World #336 – The Sammartino Method (aka How To Get Rich Slowly and Surely)), joins me again tonight to revisit the investment strategy he discussed with us back in July 2008. Now that the...Read More »

G'Day World #355 - Wayne Denning on Aboriginal Affairs

Have you donated yet to the TPN Pledge Drive? Help support independent media! Today’s interview features Wayne Denning, Managing Director of Brisbane-based media company, Carbon Media. I caught up with Wayne to chat about the issues currently surrounding Aboriginal people in Australia and what I feel is a particularly insidious form of...Read More »

G'Day World #354 - Nanette Burstein (Director of "American Teen")

American Teen poster American Teen is a terrific documentary about 5 high school seniors in a small American town struggling with their last year of school and figuring out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. On today’s show I chat with the director of American Teen, Academy Award...Read More »

G'Day World #353 - Antony Loewenstein on Internet Censorship

Have you donated yet to the TPN Pledge Drive? Help support independent media! My guest today on G’Day World is once again Australian journalist and author Antony Loewenstein. Antony was on a couple of months ago to discuss his excellent book “The Blogging Revolution” and today he has come back on...Read More »

Please Support the TPN Pledge Drive

Dear TPN listeners, viewers and friends, You know that we spend a LOT of time producing our shows for you. And as we aren’t making money out of advertising, we’d like to ask for your support to help us keep TPN running. We have real costs in IT support, hardware, bandwidth, etc.,...Read More »

G'Day World Video Interview - T. A. McCann, Gist.com

While I was in Seattle last month, my good mate Buzz Bruggeman (CEO of the best application for Windows EVER – Activewords… why the hell hasn’t Microsoft bought him out yet??), took me to meet another friend of his, T. A. McCann, CEO of Gist.com, a start-up (funded by Paul...Read More »

G'Day World #352 - Sarah Mac's Mercy Ministries Experience

Today’s show is the latest in my series examining the Christian charity Mercy Ministries and it’s relationship with the Gloria Jean’s Coffee chain and the evangelical Christian church Hillsong. My guest today is an Australian woman who is using the pseudonym “Sarah Mac” to protect her identity. She spent 8 months...Read More »

G'Day World #351 - Dr David Skellern, CEO, NICTA

David Skellern Dr David Skellern is the CEO of NICTA, Australia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Centre of Excellence. He’s also an engineer and entrepreneur, who sold a company he co-founded (Radiata) to Cisco in 2001. I caught up with him for 10 minutes a couple of weeks ago for a chat about...Read More »

Brisbane Confidential beta

I’m working on a new project – a video podcast highlighting the best cafes, bars and other hidden gems of Brisbane. Here’s my beta podcast. ...Read More »

G'Day World #350 - Richard Moore

End of DaysMy guest on show #350 is American author (who now lives in Ireland) Richard J Moore, author of “Escaping The Matrix“. I was introduced to Richard’s work recently via an article he wrote about Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia. Richard tells me that the kind of government we have in the...Read More »

G'Day World #349 - Antony Loewenstein, The Blogging Revolution

Antony Loewenstein is an a Sydney-based freelance journalist, author and blogger whose latest book, The Blogging Revolution, is “a colourful and revelatory account of bloggers around the globe who live and write under repressive regimes – many of them risking their lives in doing so.” {Photo:Bryan Siebel} Sources of global dissident blogs: Global...Read More »

G'Day World #348 - Everett True, "The Man Who Invented Grunge"

Meeting Everett True isn’t what you’d expect. When I went to his house a few weeks ago, I expected to be confronted by Spider Jerusalem in the flesh. Instead I was greeted by someone looking like a middle-aged accountant. Quite the anti-climax. But the man is still the man. Who is Everett...Read More »

G'Day World #347 - Microsoft TechEd 2008

End of DaysAhh…. Microsoft. I love ya. Where do they get so many folks who can’t cope once they lose their powerpoint cheat sheet? In the first of a series of interviews with Microsoft folks from the last couple of weeks, today I present a few interviews I did at their TechEd 2008...Read More »

Drunk History rocks!

Just when I was congratulating myself that my Napoleon podcast was the greatest thing to happen to teaching history since the Christians realized that if they killed their enemies and burned all their books then they had total control over “the truth”… Bron introduces me to DRUNK HISTORY. Totally brilliant....Read More »

G'Day World #346 - MusicStation Launches in Australia

End of DaysToday I’m chatting with Karen Paterson, Head of live! Services at Vodafone Australia and David Loiterton, Managing Director, Australia, Omnifone, about the new service just launched in Australia called MusicStation. Here’s the blurb from the press release: ==== START EVIL PRESS RELEASE ==== Vodafone Australia today launched MusicStation, Australia’s first unlimited mobile music...Read More »

G'Day World #345 - Alex Epstein, Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

Ayn Rand I’ve been a big fan of Ayn Rand‘s work since I first read “The Fountainhead” when I was about 20. I quickly read everything of hers I could get my hands on and I re-read both “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” every couple of years. I’ve wanted to do a...Read More »

G'Day World #344 - Ben Witherington III on the Historicity of Jesus

Ben WitheringtonMy guest on #344 is Ben Witherington III, an evangelical Biblical scholar and lecturer on New Testament Studies, who is currently Professor on the New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. In our discussion, Prof. Witherington makes a case for the historicity of the New Testament...Read More »

More Melbourne Bars

Cam & Kev (from TPN’s SOUSED podcast) hit a few more Melbourne cocktail bars a couple of weeks ago… it was RESEARCH goddamit!…. to chat with some of the owners and bartenders who have been nominated for the upcoming Melbourne Bar Awards. ...Read More »

G'Day World #343 - Robert M Price "Did Jesus Exist?"

Robert M PriceMy guest today is Robert M Price, a Professor of Theology and Scriptural Studies at the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary in Miami Gardens, Florida. He is a fellow of the Jesus Seminar and the author of many books and articles on religion. Some of you may remember Robert from his...Read More »

G'Day World #342 - Dr Craig Johnson on Hitler

I had the very great pleasure of hanging out with Pastor Dr Craig Johnson in Paris back in July. We had a terrific time, including some very great laughs walking through the Louvre. Craig is an Evangelical Protestant clergyman. He is the founder and Pastor of Bethel Christian Fellowship in...Read More »

G'Day World #341 - Georgia Groome, Actress

ANGUS, THONGS AND PERFECT SNOGGING is the new film by British director Gurinder Chadha (BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, BRIDE AND PREJUDICE). The star of the film is 16 year-old Georgia Groome. I chatted with Georgia today about life, acting and finishing her A levels. I also tried to get her to...Read More »

The Biography Show #006 - Akhenaten vs Moses

I don’t know how many of you listen to my Biography podcast, but the episode we recorded today is, I think, pretty interesting, so i hope you don’t mind me throwing it into this feed. Today we tackle two subjects – Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaten (aka Amenhotep IV) and Moses. Originally we...Read More »

G'Day World #340 - Hilary Mine, MD (Australasia and North Asia) Alcatel-Lucent

This morning I was given an opportunity to interview Hilary Mine, Alcatel-Lucent’s Managing Director Australasia and North Asia, about the launch of the Alcatel-Lucent Broadband Environment Challenge 2008 they did this morning in Melbourne with Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. The Challenge looks to award...Read More »

G'Day World #339 - Donnie Maclurcan and Project Australia

Project Australia logo Today my guests is Donnie Maclurcan, Executive Director of Project Australia, a national organisation helping people launch ideas that seek to create positive social change within communities. Donnie tells me how the idea came together, how it all works, and what they are trying to do. He’s a terrific example of...Read More »

G'Day World #338 - Amnesty Intl on China and Social Media

End of DaysOn today’s show I’m joined by Sophie Peer, China Campaign Co-ordinator for Amnesty International, Fi Bendall from the Bendall Group, and Ben Barren, social media baron, to discuss the online campaign Amnesty have run over the last 3 weeks to raise awareness of China’s human rights record. The campaign asked...Read More »

The Power Of The Pussy Podcast

The Power Of The PussyI’m excited today to launch the latest podcast to join the TPN family: I had Katherine Cunningham as a guest on G’Day World back in Oct 2007 and afterwards offered her her own show on TPN. It’s taken a while (all my fault!) to get it up and running but I’m...Read More »

G'Day World #337 - Allon Klebanoff's introduction to J. S. Bach

One of the wonderful people I met while in Ajaccio was Allon Klebanoff, an Israeli historian who is the closest thing to a “Renaissance Man” that I’ve ever met. Allon gave a terrific presentation on naval art during Napoleonic times at the Congress and, over much alcohol and good food...Read More »

G'Day World #336 - The Sammartino Method (aka How To Get Rich Slowly and Surely)

Steve Sammartino is not only the founder of Rentoid.com (see G’Day World #306), he’s also one of the smartest money managers that I’ve ever met. By age 33, Steve had built up a big enough share portfolio to be able to quit his corporate marketing job and live completely on the...Read More »

G'Day World #335 - Mercy Ministries Survivor "Vickie"

End of DaysToday’s show is a continuation of the examination I’ve been doing around the relationship and practices of Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Hillsong Church and Mercy Ministries. Today’s guest is a former resident of Mercy Ministries in the United States. She spent 7 months inside Mercy about 8 years ago and is...Read More »

G'Day World #334 - Leo Sayer

In 1980, at age ten, I bought my very first LP record – “Living In A Fantasy” by Leo Sayer. I listened to it constantly – 20 years later I bought it on CD and today it’s always on my iPod. Leo has had several Number One hits around the...Read More »

Hey... I'm still here

Yeah I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks. I expected to have more time / bandwidth in France than I ended up getting. And I’m currently editing a podcast that I recorded in Ajaccio with an Israeli historian Allon Klebanoff about J. S. Bach which will be up...Read More »

My Legion of Merit Award

So while I was in France I was presented with the quite-prestigious “Legion Of Merit” award by the La Société Napoléonienne (aka the International Napoleonic Society) for my “contribution to the promotion of Napoleonic history” via the Napoleon podcast I produce on TPN. As you can see, I’m the 97th person...Read More »

G'Day World #333 - Matt Norman, Director/Producer "Salute"

Matt NormanSubscribe now to the weekly update email (fill in the below box) to get a weekly list of all of the new episodes on TPN in one easy-to-read format! Enter your email address: ====================================================== My guest today is Matt Norman. Matt is an Aussie actor/director/producer who has a...Read More »

I'm off to France today

I fly out today to attend the International Napoleonic Society’s conference in Ajaccio, Corsica. I’m spending a week there and a week in Paris. My co-host of the Napoleon podcast, J. David Markham, and I will be shooting video podcasts from Les Invalides (where he’s buried), La Malmaison (where he...Read More »

G'Day World #332 - Peter Singer, The Great Ape Project

Peter SingerSubscribe now to the weekly update email (fill in the below box) to get a weekly list of all of the new episodes on TPN in one easy-to-read format! Enter your email address: ====================================================== My guest today is Peter Singer. He is the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of...Read More »

G'Day World #331 - Ex-Gloria Jean's Franchisees Speak Out

My guests tonight are a couple from Melbourne who we’ll call “Bazza” and “Shazza”. For the last five years they were franchisees with Gloria Jean’s Coffee. They’ve come on to discuss their experience. As regular readers will know, I’ve been taking an interest in Gloria Jean’s over the last few years...Read More »

G'Day World #330 - Kat & Matt from OpenAustralia.org

OpenAustralia Tonight’s guests – Katherine Szuminska & Matthew Landauer – are the founders of OpenAustralia.org, a recently-launched site which makes politics more transparent. Based on the British site TheyWorkForYou, OpenAustralia.org scrapes Hansard and makes it much more accessible. You can find out who your local MP is and then subscribe to email...Read More »

G'Day World #329 - Rob McNealy, StartUpStoryRadio.com

End of DaysOn the show today, something a little different – I’m interviewed by Rob McNealy from StartUpStoryRadio.com. Before I throw to the interview, I talk about some recent blog posts, including the OpenAustralia and Registry of Members’ Interests issue, the Gloria Jean’s story and the future of the newspaper industry. Don’t miss...Read More »

G'Day World #328 - Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne Today I got to chat with another person I admire – Stephen Mayne. As I’m sure most of you will know, Stephen is the founder of Crikey.com.au. These days he is also running a video podcast “The Mayne Report” where he takes his video crew into Annual General Meetings for...Read More »

G'Day World #327 - Puny Humans Must Die

End of DaysToday I talk about what I’ve learned recently from the following books: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (2003) The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers by Paul Kennedy (1988) Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky (2002) I also talk about an alternative to Hiroshima the Roadrunner supercomputer why a high IQ is linked to atheism my ideas for...Read More »

Teaching your kids to save money

Andre writes the “Lost Parent Diary” blog and he recently contacted me about a podcast I did where I mentioned how my twin boys started saving their pocket money to buy their own laptops when they were about five years old. He wrote it up into a blog post about...Read More »

G'Day World Video - Peter Ellyard discusses "Designing 2050"

I had the pleasure once again today to catch up with Dr Peter Ellyard, Australia’s leading futurist, one of our most popular public speakers and, of course, author of the historic first book published by TPNTXT: “Designing 2050: Pathways to sustainable prosperity on spaceship earth”. The auction for two signed proof copies...Read More »

G'Day World #326 - The CIA

The SlipI just finished reading Tim Weiner’s book “Legacy Of Ashes: The History Of the CIA” and thought I should talk more about it. I think this is one of the most important books that have come out in the last decade. Why? Listen to the show to find out....Read More »

G'Day World #325 - Jonathan Oxer

The SlipThis is the longer audio piece from my chat with Jonathan Oxer. Jonathan has an RFID chip embedded in his arm which he can use to operate electronic devices in his house. Why? Listen and find out. If you haven’t yet seen the video to go with it, it’s here. Keep...Read More »

G'Day World Video - Jonathan Oxer

Jonathan has an RFID chip embedded in his arm. Why? Watch and find out. Keep up to date with Jon’s experimentation on his blog. As a result of all the media interest in his high-tech home, Jonathan is set to host a new TV show called SuperHouse which will go...Read More »

G'Day World #324 - Dr Susan Blackmore on Free Will

The SlipYou’ve heard me say I don’t believe in free will. Well tonight I’ve got world famous author, speaker, psychologist and memeticist Dr Susan Blackmore on the show to explain why SHE doesn’t believe in free will either. We discuss the reductionist perspective, what neuroscientists she’s interviewed believe, and how to...Read More »

G'Day World #323 - Aubrey de Grey

Aubrey de GreyIn #323 I welcome back a previous G’Day World guest, one of my favourite scientists, Dr Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey is the founder of The Methuselah Foundation, a non-profit 501c(3) organization committed to the acceleration of progress toward a cure for age-related disease, disability, suffering, and death. They are running a special...Read More »

Vidnik vs Seesmic

I like the look of Vidnik: It’s a simple program for using the built-in camera on your Mac to create movies and upload them to YouTube. I’ve played around with Seesmic a bit as a video blogging tool but I find it’s not very podcast-friendly. Seesmic wants you to use their site...Read More »

G'Day World #322 - It's Called MYANMAR not BURMA ffs

Light Rides the Super MajorMy first show for a month!!! I explain why the big break on the show. But the main topic for today is Myanmar, or what the ignorant Western media insist on calling Burma. As you’ve heard, they were hit recently by a terrible cyclone and there are potentially 100,000 people dead...Read More »

Cult of the podcast celebrity - SMH

CultHa! I bet you didn’t know you’re part of a cult, did you? And I’m not even talking about my CHURCH OF LOTU. I’m talking about the article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, featuring interview with myself, Leo Laporte and TPN Health’s beti! Check it out. ...Read More »

Microsoft Australia does REMIX 2008 soon

The nice folks at Microsoft Australia (Hi Finula!) have asked me to let you know that REMIX tickets are now on sale. Mark Pesce is the keynote speaker. I’ve never heard Mark speak but I’ve always heard great feedback on his sessions. Funnily, we were just talking about him and...Read More »

G'Day World #321 - Communism, The Four Hour Work Week and more.

These Are The Good Times PeopleI’m back this week with my first show from Brisbane!! Today it’s just me talking about TPN’s recent technology woes, my decision not to take venture capital, communism, the origins of the concept of family, an up date on my personal coach, Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week, The Spider...Read More »

Why Twitter Is Important To Me

And on Sunday, he rested……. Holy god damn, what a week. Finally, this morning, TPN is back up (obviously, because I can write this and you can read it). I have to thank Phil Morle from Pollenizer for hooking me up with Jagadeesh from x-minds in India. Jag and his team...Read More »

TPN Week In Review: March 17 - 23, 2008

This week on TPN – discussions about photowalking, the future of social networking, the Bear Stearns financial crisis, nuclear energy, a $3 Billion Man, a reversal of the full mount position, The Wire finale, footy, What To Do When You Become The Boss, box office results, with lots of free...Read More »

G'Day World #320 - Jamais Cascio on "The Chorus"

Jamais CascioJamais Cascio is a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer and ethical futurist. He joins me today to talk about our growing reliance on online social networks and the net in general as forms of identity management. What are some of the consequences of putting your personal information online or –...Read More »

Hillsong Church and Gloria Jeans linked to MORE abuse claims

Cait from TPN’s Global Geek podcast (and one of the original MODM’ers) pointed me to this story in the news today (see article below). This link between Hillsong Church and Gloria Jeans isn’t new to me. I blogged about it back in 2005. I was wondering why that post was...Read More »

G'Day World #319 - A Little

Go Away White Today we have a return of the “Cam Heart To Heart” show – aka “the rant” – where I don’t bother with a guest, I just tell you about what’s been on my mind lately. Today I talk about getting myself a performance coach, about reading up on Carl...Read More »

G'Day World #318 - Bill Liao

Bill LiaoBill Liao is one of those guys I just love to talk to. He’s smart, successful, humble, visionary – and nice to boot. Just who the hell does he think he is? Apart from being a successful serial entrepreneur and a co-founder of Xing.com (a massive social networking site based in...Read More »

G'Day World #317 - Jeremy Toeman, Geeks Doing Good

Stranger On The SofaJeremy Toeman is an expert in digital media and consumer technology. Over the past ten years he has designed, built, and marketed numerous award-winning products in the “convergence” space, including the Slingbox. In December 2007, JT arranged for 25 SF geeks, including Ryan Block from Engadget and Robert Scoble from ,...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #316 - Peter Bourne, Author

The Deserter “THE DESERTER” is an ambitious novel by Peter Bourne. It explores the tensions between Israel and Palestine through the relationship of an Israeli doctor, who has been in England for 20 years after a fight with his father, and his siblings, when he returns home to Jerusalem for his father’s...Read More »

G'Day World #315 - Maria Sipka, Linqia

Maria Sipka A few weeks ago I was introduced to Aussie entrepreneur Maria Sipka (and her husband JC) over breakfast in Yarraville by Ryan Trainor (G’Day World #280). We had a great chat and a few days ago I chatted to her from her home in Barcelona. Maria has a fascinating story...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #314 - Randall Cameron, My Virtual Home

MyVirtualHomeMy guest today s Randall Cameron, National Sales Manager for My Virtual Home, a software company in Brisbane with an amazing product. It allows you to build a 3D virtual representation of your home – in ten minutes. With no need for any understanding of CAD. It’s brilliant. If you want...Read More »

TPN Turns Three Today

Happy Birthday TPN! Three years ago today TPN opened for business. Thanks to the WayBack Machine, we know what it looked like. In 2008 we have lots more shows, half a million friends, and each year is better than the last. My thanks to everyone who has contributed to the...Read More »

The Biography Show #001 - Alexander The Great

The Biography ShowIt’s been a while since we’ve launched a new show on TPN so I’m excited to announce The Biography Show starts today! David Markham and I have enjoyed some great feedback from the audience of our Napoleon 101 podcast, so we’re doing another series together. The idea behind The Biography...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #313 - Jane Mason on Myers-Briggs

Sixes and SevensMy guest today is Jane Mason, a strategy consultant in London who is an expert on using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help teams maximize their potential. We chat about the background of MBTI, what all of the dichotomies mean, how it’s used in a corporate situation as well as...Read More »

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