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G'DAY WORLD #312 - Wayne Turmel on Great Web Meetings

Wayne Turmel I’m sure you have all sat in “virtual” meetings at your place of work that would have bored a monk. I remember sitting in on “virtual team meetings” in my Microsoft days when I and other members of the team would be playing each other on XBOX Live while our...Read More »

Bank Fees podcast

Over dinner last night, I heard about a scam being run by an Australian bank, where they tell business customers to pay $20 to speed up the processing of cheques they bank. An honest teller finally told this friend of mine, who had being paying the $20 once a week...Read More »

Melbourne's Shaker Faces

A few weeks ago I went on a tour of some of Melbourne’s top cocktail bars with my mate and TPN host “Cocktail” Kevin Clark. Kev, who tends bar at the Tiki Bar & Lounge in Richmond, hosts TPN’s Soused podcast (a podcast about cocktails) and is also co-host of...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #311 - Geeks Who Care, inaugural meeting

Geeks Who CareOn January 27, 2008, a small group of people gathered in South Melbourne for the inaugural meeting of Geeks Who Care, a group of geek activists who want to be more involved in their local communities. Attendees are (L to R): Colin Wilson, Matt Trentini, David Jackson, Father Bob Maguire, Cameron Reilly,...Read More »

A new 2Web Crew podcast

Join Techcrunch’s Duncan Riley, Norg Media’s Bronwen Clune, World Communities’ Laurel Papworth, Tangler’s Mick Liubinskas and The Podcast Network’s Cameron Reilly for a chat about Heath Ledger’s death what we like and don’t like about Facebook the questions around Nik Cubrilovic’s Omnidrive the recent launch of Tinfinger the challenges of online identity … and other nerdy...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #310 - Efisia Fele, Horror Auteur

fiz by kossoEfisia Fele, aka 01000101 on Twitter (it’s binary for ‘e’), aka Fiz to her friends, is a Melbourne-based actor, writer and director of horror films. I caught up with her a few days ago to talk about being a horror entrepreneur, as well as a wide ranging discussion about her...Read More »

Podcasting Live with Ustream and Tangler

Yesterday I had one of the most exciting experiences I have had since starting podcasting 3+ years ago. While driving around Melbourne, I participated in the 2Web Crew podcast with Duncan in SF, Bron in Perth and Laurel in Sydney. I had my Macbook open on the seat beside me, connected...Read More »

G'Day World #309 - Tinfinger

Tinfinger logo Late last week, Paul Montgomery (CEO) and Tai Tran (CTO) invited themselves over to Casa del Reilly to give me the rundown on Tinfinger. It’s kind of like the new Who’s Who. But online. And open. Less stuffy than Wikipedia. And they will pay you to write profiles on the...Read More »

TPN Report Card 2007

TPN 20072007 was a big year for TPN in lots of ways. We grew; we stumbled; we struggled; we survived. Bootstrapping a start-up isn’t glamorous. Trying to keep a fast-growing business alive when revenues are still small and you are funding it organically can be frustrating. Every day brings new challenges....Read More »

G'Day World #308 - The First Meeting of The Church Of LOTU

LOTUAs you many have noticed, I recently launched a new religion which I’m calling “LOTU”, the Laws Of The Universe. If you missed that news, read this. On January 11, 2007, I held the very first church meeting of LOTU. As befits a 21st century religion, I held it in...Read More »

The Best Blog Podcast - Vote for TPN

Duncan Riley, TechCrunch writer, entrepreneur, and host of TPN’s On The Pod, has been nominated in the Performancing Awards 2007. Give him your vote! The Best Blog Podcast – Performancing Awards 2007 Reader’s Choice Poll | Performancing.com Blogged with Flock ...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #307 - Bronwen Clune, Norg Media

norgToday I chat with Bronwen Clune, Founder and CEO of Norg Media, an independent Australian media company that allows anyone to contribute to the news as a Cit J (citizen journalist). We talk about her vision for Norg (which stands for “news organisation”), how the media landscape is changing, and about...Read More »

G'Day World #306 - Steve Sammartino, Rentoid.com

The first show of 2008! My guest today is local Yarraville boy Steve Sammartino, founder of Rentoid.com. I love Steve’s approach to his business and his entrepreneurial spirit in general. He came around to Casa del Reilly this morning to talk about the Rentoid site, why he left his big...Read More »

Beta testing "Walking Melbourne" podcast

Last month I recorded a couple of pilot episodes of a new podcast series where I walk around Melbourne with one of the City of Melbourne’s “greeters”, Jill. This is a project cooked up between myself, Tourism Victoria and the City of Melbourne. We’ve recorded two pilots and I’d...Read More »

TPN mentioned (briefly) in The Age

There are a couple of stories about podcasting in Australia in The Age today. I chatted with both journalists at length over the last month for the stories but ended up with two lines out of a 2+ page story. Go figure. All of my journo and ex-journo friends (including...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #305 - Twittories and Twitter with jjprojects

La CucarachaAussie Twitterati jjprojects (aka John Johnstone) joins me today to talk about my latest project Twittories and Twitter in general. Check out JJ’s website or add him to your Twitter if you haven’t already! The track for today is: The track on this episode is: Ween “Your Party” (mp3) from “La Cucaracha”...Read More »

Marc Orchant tribute

Marc Orchant Feb 2005As many of you will know, blogger Marc Orchant died today from a cardiac infraction he suffered while working in his home office last week. Marc was one of the earliest hosts on TPN and a very early guest on G’Day World back in Feb 2005. A few weeks after...Read More »

The Age of TPN's Audience

The Age of TPN’s Audience Originally uploaded by cameronreilly From our 2007 survey. I’m rather surprised at how old you all are. I wonder how much of this is a reflection of our content versus the general age of podcast listeners? ...Read More »

Free Will debate in Second Life

We had a massive debate at TPN HQ last night (until my internet access dropped out at midnight and didn’t return) about the subject of free will which was kicked off in a massive twitter debate during the day. My central postulate was this: if every decision you have is a...Read More »

Logical Fallacies podcast

I listened to a great podcast today. Episode #73 of the Skeptoid podcast. It’s called “Logical Fallacies”. I highly recommend it. If you’ve ever had a conversation with anyone about their supernatural or pseudoscientific beliefs, you’ve almost certainly been slapped in the face with a logical fallacy or two. Non-scientific belief...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #304 - Social Activism update

Heresy and the Hotel ChoirAs you know, I’m trying to figure out how I can make the world a better place. Today I had a chat with Richard Giles about some of the recent attempts I’ve made to volunteer for organisations like LifeLine and Big Brother Big Sister, my vision of a 21st century...Read More »

G'Day World - Three Years Young

Yesterday, November 26, was the third anniversary of G’Day World and Australian podcasting. What started off as an experiment to see how to record two Skype calls turned into a full-time job. Check out the first show here. I hope that’s a lesson to all the kids out there. If...Read More »

G'Day World #303 - Paul O'Keefe, The Kelly Gang

Ned Kelly armourNote: I just realized I introduce this show as #302 when it’s actually #303. Meh. As you may know, I’ve recently become slightly obsessed about Ned Kelly. While I’ve been interested in the subject for several years, since I realized during a trip to Glenrowan in 2004 that I didn’t know...Read More »

G'Day World #302 - Dr John Demartini on overcoming your fears

John DemartiniWell this is the first real show of Season 4 of the G’Day World odyssey with the new focus on answering the question “how can I make the world a better place?” I’m very lucky to have a big hitter like Dr John Demartini back on the show to kick off...Read More »

Transparency and Integrity

Russell Buckley from MobHappy, who I respect a lot and who has always provided great, brutal feedback when required, emailed me this morning slapping me around the head regarding a couple of issues I want to air here because I think they deserve a broader forum for discussion, as they...Read More »

G'Day World #301 - Migrating From Windows To A Mac

Before I move into the “making the world a better place” motif for Season 04 of G’Day World, I wanted to do a show about my recent experiences of migrating from Windows to a Mac. Yes – hell has finally frozen over and I’ve bought a Mac. As some of you (those...Read More »

My Second Life podcast with Mark Jones is up

Late last week I was invited onto Mark Jones’ “The Scoop” podcast to talk about Second Life with The Markster himself, as well as Lisa Romano, Project Manager, Strategic Development, ABC INNOVATION, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Gary Hayes, head of MUVE development, The Project Factory. It was an enjoyable chat and...Read More »

I'm Stan's Guest on Connections #009

Stan Relihan had me back on his very popular Connections podcast today to discuss the results of our Digg contest as well as discuss his learnings from his first couple of months podcasting. We talk about LinkedIn, Twitter, and how to use podcasting to build your personal brand. ...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #300 - The End Of Season Three and James Masini from Hippo

Well folks, here we are, 300 episodes and 3 years in, and I’m just getting warmed up! However, with a new year of G’Day World comes a new format, a new topic and a new question which demands The Cam’s attention – what are you doing on a daily basis...Read More »

Podcamp Perth 2007 - final impressions

TechnoratiWell as I sit in my hotel room after spending a couple of days with some of WA’s digerati (I say WA instead of Perth because Duncan Riley lives a few hours away) as well as some ring-ins from the Eastern states such as Nick Hodge, Stilgherrian and Paul Montgomery,...Read More »

G'Day World #299 - Rock The Vote

Cam in rant modeThe other night I caught up with Scouta founder and former TPN’r Richard Giles and Microsoft’s local professional nice guy blogger/podcaster Nick Hodge for a chat about the upcoming Australian federal election and was appalled to hear how they both intend voting. Geeks have a responsibility to lead. You’re a...Read More »

Shout Out to David Fuhrer

… for the copy of “Three Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Wealth and Power to the East” which I received today as a belated birthday gift! Thanks for the cheesy gift wrapping mate! Made it all the more fun to open! I’m really looking forward to reading this...Read More »

For I'm A Jolly Good "Fellow"

FellowLast week I received a large envelope in the mail from the International Napoleonic Society, an organisation I’ve had nothing at all to do with outside of the fact that their Vice-President J. David Markham has been my co-host on the Napoleon podcast for the last couple of years. Inside the...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #298 - Katherine Cunningham on The Power Of The Pussy

Katherine Cunningham, my guest on today’s show, runs menstrual education for woman and joins me today to talk about how our attitude towards female sexuality ended up so screwed up in Western society. I’m fascinated with the power that women have over men but which most don’t seem to realize....Read More »


HEINO!Tonight Jono and Beti (host of TPN’s Health and Fitness Podcast) celebrated the opening of their new store XERO, a very cool tech store at 106 Elgin Street, Carlton. I presented them with a very wonderful opening night gift – an original copy of Heino‘s ” Halli, hallo, wir fahren” album. Now…...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #297 - The Need For Leadership

It’s my birthday and I’m taking the liberty of chatting to you about some of the things that I think about a lot lately – the lack of leadership in our world today and the future of the human race. Where are the leaders? Have the baby boomers driven the...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #296 - Dan Patterson, What's Wrong with the United Nations

Dan Patterson is the host of the excellent Creepy Sleepy podcast and is a UN Correspondent. Dan and I talk about the pros and cons of social welfare in capitalist countries like the USA and Australia as well as some of the problems with the UN model. Become part of the...Read More »

On the other side of the mic

Speaking of Brett Welch reminds me… he recently interviewed me for his podcast. Check it out (link below). I was also interviewed yesterday by Leon and Garry at The Age which will come out in the SMH/AGE business section soon as well as on their TPN Take Two podcast...Read More »

John Cleese on TPN

The big press release went out today announcing that John Cleese (yes, THAT John Cleese) will be producing a new series of podcasts which will be hosted on TPN. Read the full announcement here. What a coup, huh? This is something we’ve been working on for a year. Well, actually, Dean...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #295 - Vanessa Stacy, the Web2.0 Stripper

Vanessa Stacy I recently caught up with Vanessa Stacy, aka Vanessa the Undressa, aka the Geek Stripper, aka GoldCoastGirl on Twitter, for lunch and a chat about how she uses Web 2.0 tools like MySpace, YouTube and Twitter to market her business – which just happens to be stripping. It was a...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #294 - Garry Barker, The Day I Met Che Guevara

Garry Barker has been a journalist for over 50 years and in that time has had a range of amazing experiences, some of which he shares with me in today’s show. These include working for Rupert Murdoch in 1955, meeting Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in 1962, working in the...Read More »

Creationists Sue Critics To Shut Them Up

I heard about this on a recent episode of the Skeptics Guide To The Universe Podcast. Some guys calling themselves the Extant Dodos have been taking videos posted to the web by the Creation Science Evangelism organisation which “prove” creationist theories and then debunk them, putting the re-edited videos on...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #293 - Adam Shand, Big Shots

Big ShotsBen Barren, CEO of Feedcorp, joins me on this show to interview author Adam Shand. As people in Melbourne will be very aware, in the last decade there was a series of high profile retributional killings involving various underworld groups that cost the lives of at least 28 criminal figures. Adam Shand,...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #292 - Jason Roks, The Real News (X | Media | Lab)

My final interview from the X | Media | Labs event I attended last month. This one is with Jason Roks, currently acting as a Technical Advisor with The Real News, a non-profit news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism. Jason talks to me about the...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #291 - Three ISPs Talk Broadband In Australia

IN G’Day World #291 I feature three interviews I have completed over recent weeks with senior executives from three of Australia’s top ISPs: Ravi Bhatia, CEO of Primus Simon Hackett, CEO of Internode Ben Dunscombe, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Netspace In a way, these interviews are a response to the show I did with...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #290 - Julian Burnside QC

My guest today is one of Australia’s highest profile barristers and human rights advocates – Julian Burnside QC. He is also the current President of Liberty Victoria, also known as the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties Inc, an independent non-government organisation committed to the defence and extension of human rights...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #289 - Nick Johnstone, Education 2.0

Cam and Nick 1987Today my guest is Nick Johnstone, science teacher and education innovator. Nick and I go WAY WAY BACK. This photo is from our last day of high school in 1987. Anyway, these days Nick is Head of Science at St Lukes School in Bundaberg and he’s talking to me tonight about one...Read More »

2Clix suing Whirlpool is a VERY BAD IDEA

TechnoratiSigh… here we go again… it seems the people from 2Clix haven’t attended any of my talks over the last couple of years where I have explained why jumping the gun and suing a blog/forum/podcast for a couple of negative comments about your company/product/people is just plain STUPID. I heard about...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #288 - Matt Marks, Politics and New Media

My guest today, to talk Australian politics and new media, is Matt Marks. We discuss KEVIN07, what’s wrong with the Liberal Party, and why political parties in this country need to engage with new media. Matt has recently written a chapter for the Crikey Guide to the 2007 Federal Election on...Read More »

Totally blown away by CamStudio

TechnoratiToday I’ve been testing a FREE product called CamStudio (no, this isn’t a product named after me… would be cool though if it was). Many of you might have heard of a product called Camtasia. Well CamStudio is just like that – only free. From their website: CamStudio is able to record...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #287 - Kevin Anderson, The Guardian's Blog Editor (X | Media | Lab)

Another video from X | Media | Labs (yes, Caroline and Melissa, I’m getting there)… this one is with the gentleman I prefer to think of as Mr Suw – Kevin Anderson. Kevin is the Blog Editor at The Guardian in the UK. In this short video (my tape ran...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #286 - James Tuckerman & Paul Ryan, Australian Anthill Magazine

James Tuckerman and Paul Ryan, AnthillMy guests today are the guys behind Australian Anthill magazine – Publisher and Editor-In-Chief James Tuckerman and Editor Paul Ryan. I chat with James about how he walked out of a well-paid job in PR to start the magazine when he was 26 (or was that 27? 28?), the early...Read More »

Mother Teresa was a fake

While recording a new episode of the Advaita Show podcast today, my co-host Steve mentioned the recent book that has been published with Mother Teresa’s letters to her spiritual mentors which point out what a big bloody faker she was. Check it: Yet no sooner did Teresa start her work in the...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #285 - Taking Aim At Westpac

Westpac is an Australian bank. One of the big ones. They made $3 billion profit last year. Their CEO David Morgan has a compensation package estimated at $14 million this year. They recently hired ex-Telstra CIO Vish Padmanabhan. And yet their website has been down all day. And they kept...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #284 - Liz Heller, CEO Buzztone (X | Media | Lab)

Liz HellerAnother video from the X | MEDIA | LABS event. This one is with Liz Heller, CEO of US-based marketing company BUZZTONE. We chatted about the idea of “buzz” marketing and the future of the music business (prior to starting Buzztone, Liz was an Executive Vice President at Capital Records). For...Read More »

Ewan on The Future of TV

Ewan Spence (TPN’s Rock Show, PSP Show, Edinburgh Festival Show… have I forgotten any??) spoke on a panel in Edinburgh yesterday about the future of TV. Read Kevin Anderson’s coverage for The Guardian (and watch for my video podcast inteview with Kevin that’ll be up here in a few days)....Read More »

Terraminds Searches Twitter

Andrew Sayer pointed to this terrific Twitter search engine this morning: Terraminds. Let’s say you wanted to know what people on Twitter had been saying about… Telstra, for example. tehdeejay Ok twitteroos, answer me this: is it negligence for an IT company to recommend Telstra retail products for all their business clients?...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #283 - Porn Filters, Australian Values and other nonsense

Richard, Ian and Garth joined me last night to discuss porn filters, Australian values, strip clubs and other rubbish. If you think you can sense heavy editing in this show… you are right. I won’t say why. Become part of the G’Day World conversation. I’ve created a couple of groups inside...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #282 - The Kids Edition

Hunter and Taylor, my 6 year-old twin boys, join me tonight for what might become the pilot edition of their own podcast. It’s something we’ve been talking about for ages and, based on their excitement tonight after we wrapped, I think they are about ready. This is a show designed...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #281 - Melbourne Twitter Lunch

dopod-22-august-2007-001.jpgA spontaneous Twitter lunch happened in Melbourne yesterday between myself, Nick Hodge, Garth Kidd, Robin Frousheger, and Andrew Barnett. The lunch came together over Twitter when Nick, who is based in Sydney, mentioned he was having a coffee at a particular Melbourne Starbucks. Robin, Andrew and I all saw the message...Read More »

Watch Cam on Chris Pirillo

Just back from lunch with Dr Peter Ellyard and a spontaneous Twitter meetup lunch with Nick Hodge, Garth Kidd, Andew Barnett and Froosh (you’ll hear the show we recorded tomorrow), and I see Chris Pirillo has posted up a podcast of the live video show we did yesterday! Here it...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #280 - Ryan Trainor, Serial Entrepreneur

Ryan Trainor started his first company, a Retail Security firm in 1997 at the age of 23. After three years he was servicing most major retailers in Australia, including Coles Myer and Woolworths, employing hundreds of staff and regarded as a key innovator of change in the security personnel industry....Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #279 - Jack Marx, sacked Fairfax blogger tells all!

Jack Marx wrote a popular blog called THE DAILY TRUTH for Fairfax, a large, old and very, very tired Australian media organization. In 2006 he won a very prestigious Australian media award (a Walkley) for one of his posts. However the paper sacked him a couple of days ago (on...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #278 - Shekhar Kapur, Film Director (X | Media | Lab)

Shekhar Kapur, born 6 December 1945 in British India (in an area which became part of Pakistan) is a renowned filmmaker from India. His works include Elizabeth (1998), Bandit Queen (1994) and his new film, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007). He writes a very revealing blog (link) and is trying to...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #277 - Brendan Harkin, X|Media|Lab

On August 10 2007 I attended the X|Media|Lab in Melbourne and had the opportunity to interview a number of the key speakers. I’ll be putting those interviews up over the next week. This first one is with Brendan Harkin, the Founder and Director of X|Media|Lab. Brendan founded X|Media|Lab in June 2003....Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #276 - Dr John Demartini, Inspirational Speaker and Author

john demartiniA few months ago I was on the phone to a friend of mine and said “The questions you ask yourself define your reality”. My friend then introduced me to the work of Dr John Demartini. A few things surprised me when I read the information on his website. The...Read More »

Duncan Riley is "On The Pod"

On The PodDuncan Riley, founder of “The Blog Herald, co-founder of b5 Media, and presently a writer for TechCrunch, joins TPN today with his new podcast “On The Pod“. On The Pod features guests that might otherwise not have a high profile yet have something interesting to say. The topics vary from Web...Read More »

The Mark Jones Podcast

I just discovered Mark Jones is going a podcast for AFR. Good stuff mate, looking forward to listening to it. Thanks for keeping it a secret! ...Read More »

TPN launches "The Better World Show"

The Better World ShowToday TPN is pleased to launch “The Better World Show“, hosted by Scott Sherman (from TPN’s hugely successful Digital Photography Show) and Cameron Reilly (host of TPN’s G’Day World, Napoleon 101 and CEO of The Podcast Network). You work hard, you raise your family, and you try to do the best...Read More »

Twitter in action

So this morning I went to MSY, a wonderful el-cheapo PC components store, to get a new scanner and miniSD card. I arrived 30 minutes early, was sitting in my car listening to Ewan’s Edinburgh Fringe podcast, and twitted that I was sitting out the front of MSY in Pascoe...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #275 - Bernard Malige on French Healthcare

My guest today is a G’Day World listener from Paris, Bernard Malige. Bernard, who works as an engineer with Renault, helped me better understand the French system of taxation and social services. If you’ve seen Michael Moore’s latest film SICKO, you already know that in France, pretty much all health...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #274 - On Fidel Castro, Second Life, Crazy Christians and Scouta

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonRichard Giles and I chat about some things that have been on my mind lately, including: How Christians who justify Yahweh’s kill count in the Old Testament just prove my point that they are crazy and dangerous. Some history on the Bhagavad Gita WIRED: How Madison Avenue Is Wasting Millions on...Read More »

Atheists Out!

Atheists outAaron Heath sent me this image: Reminds me of the Point of Inquiry podcast I listened to this morning with Peter Irons. Irons is “a noted constitutional scholar, historian, and lawyer, he is the author of the bestselling May It Please the Court; The Battle for the Constitution; War Powers: How...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #273 - Geoffrey McDonald Bowll, Ad Man

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonGeoffrey Bowll is the MD of Melbourne-based ad agency Starship. I chatted with him yesterday about the demise of TV, the rise of the creative class and the fragmentation of media. It was great to find someone in the Aussie advertising industry who is excited about social networking, Second Life...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #272 - Prof Rodney Brooks, MIT

Rodney Brooks Rodney Brooks is Panasonic Professor of Robotics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also Chief Technical Officer and sits on the Board of iRobot Corp. From July 1, 2003 until June 30, 2007, he was director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; prior to that,...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #271 - Vernor Vinge, SF Author Extraordinaire

Rainbows EndToday I had the fortune to chat with another living legend – Vernor Vinge (pronounced “vin-jee” as in, he explained off air, “stingy”). While VV may not have the public profile of a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson, in geek circles no SF author carries more respect. Why is it...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #270 - Affluenza

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonRichard Giles joins me tonight to talk about a bunch of questions that have been on my mind: Are we all suffering from Affluenza? Are the Government, the advertising industry, and the mass media all conspiring to make us feel broke and scared? Does the car I drive define me as a human...Read More »

Cam's World 29 July, 2007

What does driving a Prius *say* about you? As a person? What a load of crap. You aren’t defined as a person by what clothes you wear or by the car you drive. You are defined by what you *do*. Are you contributing something every day towards the betterment of the human...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #269 - Tony Smith, Roamfree

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonA few months ago I had the opportunity to chat with Tony Smith, CEO of new online accommodation booking startup, Roamfree. I was asked to keep the interview on hold until the site launched, which was yesterday. Tony is a former Sydney Swans ruckman who started marketing Schoolies holidays when...Read More »

Cam's World 28 July 2007

VoteJust went to pay the speeding fine I got leaving Bundaberg and discovered there are no online payment options?! Can’t even pay it over the phone?!? Have to send a cheque. By post. Wow. Queensland. Amazing. ****** I’m fascinated this morning watching the shit-fight between Arrington and Furrier/Scoble over Podtech. Having met...Read More »

Cam's World 27 July, 2007

TPN T-shirt in Second LifeThe word on Twitter is that the fine folks at Telstra have banned Facebook on the corporate network. This would be a retarded move for ANY company, let alone a company that is trying to position itself as a company that “gets” online. It reminds me of a question someone...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #268 - on the WTO, IMF and Human Rights in Australia

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonToday Paul Montgomery from Fan Footy joins me to talk about the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, IMF and UN Security Council. I’ve just finished reading George Monbiot’s 2003 book “The Age Of Consent” and it’s made me want to learn more about how these international bodies operate. Monty and...Read More »

Cam's World 25 July, 2007

Bundy RumTPN’s latest podcast is Take Two – interviews with Australian business leaders by Leon Gettler, management and economics commentator for The Age newspaper in Melbourne Australia, and technology editor Garry Barker. Check out their interview with Justin Milne, CEO of Telstra BigPond. ****** Ah… the clean country air of Bundaberg…. ****** David Chappelle is...Read More »

G'Day World #267 - John Butterworth, AIMIA

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonJohn Butterworth is the CEO of AIMIA, the Australia Interactive Media Industry Association. I chatted with him recently about the state of the industry and tried to figure out who they seem to be so top-heavy, that is, involved more with big companies like Telstra and Sensis, rather than supporting...Read More »

G'Day World #266 - Chris Pirillo on Bloggers and Politics

Chris PirilloChris Pirillo needs no introduction. Everyone knows him as an ubergeek, the founder and maintainer of Lockergnome, former host of TechTV’s “Call for Help”, and, along with his wife Ponzi, the host of Gnomedex, the technology conference made for geeks. I always think of him as the guy with the...Read More »

Cam's World 16 July, 2007

Canned coffee vending machines Originally uploaded by seanbonner Sean Bonner is posting great photos from Japan including this one of a canned coffee vending machine. Mmmmm. And I thought Nescafe sucked! ****** On The Cranky Middle Manager Episode 101, Wayne interviewed guest Anita Bruzzese,...Read More »

Cam's World 14 July, 2007

GalactusA great example of Christian tolerance in the US senate. ****** Chris Pirillo is getting up to speed on the problems inherent in the American system of democracy and capitalism. Interesting to see someone like Chris speaking out about this. Watch the first ten minutes of the video he’s linked to. Chris...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #265 - Chris Summerfield, Why Be A Christian?

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonMy guest today is Chris Summerfield. Chris works for Drug Arm WA, writes an intelligent blog called “A Churchless Faith” and recently took me up on my challenge to Christians to answer the question “What would it take for you to become an atheist?”. We talk a little about the...Read More »

G'Day World #264 - Dr Peter Ellyard, Futurist (Part Four)

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonToday it’s again my pleasure to catch up with Dr Peter Ellyard, Australia’s leading futurist. We caught up for lunch in South Yarra today and chatted about why visionaries often feel frustrated with their own progress, the need for a world democracy and how shareholders can use their voting power...Read More »

G'Day World #263 - American Concentration Camps!

Be A Good American!Today my guests are Andrew and Kevin – an American and a Brit living in Japan – to talk about some current conspiracy theories, including hundreds of “concentration camps” being built in the USA to house ‘unlawful enemy combatants’ and Rex 84, “a plan by the United States federal government...Read More »

G'Day World #262 - Frank Arrigo, Microsoft Developer Platform Evangelist

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonFrank Arrigo, the guy who runs Microsoft’s Developer Platform Evangelism team in Australia, a 16 year veteran of Microsoft, joins me tonight to publicly break his big news – he’s moving to Seattle to direct Microsoft’s DPE field strategy worldwide. The quality of the Skype call is terrible so we don’t...Read More »

G'Day World #261 - Wendell Wallach on AI Ethics

Wendell WallachWendell Wallach is a lecturer and consultant at Yale University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics where he chairs the working research group on Technology and Ethics, leads a seminar for bioethics interns, and functions as a senior coordinator for other working groups and projects. He has lectured worldwide, published many articles,...Read More »

G'Day World #260 - J. Storrs Hall on AI and Nanotech

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonJ. Storrs Hall is an independent scientist and author. His most recent book is Beyond AI: Creating the Conscience of the Machine, and he was the founding Chief Scientist of Nanorex, Inc, which is developing a CAD system for nanomechanical engineering, is currently a member of Nanorex’ Scientific Advisory Board,...Read More »


AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonRichard M. Giles of Scouta joins me again today to discuss a list of bothersome subjects, including (but not limited to, user’s experience my vary, please refer to terms and conditions before you set any expectations and refer all complaints to your local member… pffft, I said “member”): Scouta’s recent DMCA...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #258 - Professor Michael Georgeff on e-Health

Michael GeorgeffProfessor Michael Georgeff is the Director of the e-Health research unit at Monash University. He has over 25 years experience in software innovation and bringing these technologies to market. In the 1980s, Georgeff was Program Director in the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute). He was...Read More »

Why do you Twitter?

If you aren’t on Twitter yet, you are probably wondering what it’s all about. It’s kind of like a steady feed of… stuff. Stream of consciousness from your friends. What they are doing, thinking about, reading, watching, etc. Here’s my last couple of days of twitters e.g. the things I’ve...Read More »


AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonTonight, my lil sister Anita and I went to see the first ever anywhere in the world public screening (well at least that’s what we were told) of the new TRANSFORMERS movie! Here is our review. Become part of the G’Day World conversation. If you’re a member of Facebook, you can...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #256 - Brian Goldfarb, Silverlight

Silverlight logoAt Microsoft’s remix event in Melbourne yesterday I caught up with Brian Goldfarb, Group Product manager, UX Platform and Tools Strategy, Microsoft Corp. Brian’s group is responsible for Silverlight , their new product for developing rich content delivered through a browser, and Popfly, their Yahoo Pipes-like mashup creator. To check out...Read More »

G'DAY WORLD #255 - Jamais Cascio, Futurist

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonJamais Cascio is a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer and ethical futurist. He chatted with me last week about the “Participatory panopticon“, Sousveillance, and why everyone should take “democratic transhumanism” very, very seriously. Read Jamais’ blog to find out more about his views on the preferred future. You can also...Read More »

TPN's Ben Wilkoff wins "Totally Wired Teacher Award"

Ben Wilkoff, host of TPN’s Education Transformation podcast, has just been declared the winner of the first Totally Wired Teacher Award which will be presented at the Ypulse Mashup in San Francisco! Read his post about the award. Congrats from all of us at TPN dude! ...Read More »

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