Sascha’s Hacked iPad Case

Made for me today by SaschaV:

1. Take one Gecko Glove.
2. Take one re-usable plastic handle from the top of a monitor box.
3. Take your Stanley knife and make a couple of slits in the back of the Glove.
4. Insert the ends of the handle.

Ta-da! Now you have a convenient handle for your iPad. Sascha told me he contacted the folks at Gecko to see if they would be interested if he put together an instructional video on how to make one, and got a ‘yeah whatever” response.

My Top 15 iPad Apps

Getting an iPad?

Here’s my TOP 15 apps you should definitely check out.

Zinio: the iPad is great for reading magazines and although the Zinio app is (at present) a little clunky, it does the job.

Sketchbook: draw everything from simple diagrams and flowcharts to works of art.

Word Monkey: awesome game to work your brain.

Lifelike Clock: the app that wakes me up in the morning.

Analytics: check your site stats on the fly.

GoodReader: read PDFs with ease, great integration with Dropbox.

1Password: never forget your passwords again.

ABC (as in Australian Broadcasting Corporation): Watch TV, listen to the radio, read the news.

Reeder: Amazing RSS reader that integrates with Google Reader.

Dropbox: Get access to all of your files from your iPad.

Evernote: Take notes, retrieve notes, anywhere, anytime. I live in this app.

Twitterific: Very slick Twitter app.

Remote: Control your music collection from your iPad. Will be nicer when they come out with a true iPad version.

Stanza: Read the latest books and the classics. Unlike Apple’s iBooks app, you can actually buy books to read outside the USA. And they are usually a quarter of the price.

Osmos: AMAZING game, probably the most beautiful iPad app I’ve seen. Mesmerizing.