the brave experiment starts tomorrow

Tomorrow (that would be Friday Jan 30) at 10am Sydney time I have Antony Loewenstein, journalist, blogger and author, back on the show to discuss the recent and current events in Gaza. The brave experiment is this: With the help of my two filthy assistants (sorry Tim...

Be A Devil

TPN needs your help. Support indy media by donating a small amount of money towards TPN’s operating costs each month. For the price of a latte you can make the world a better place by supporting original indy media. Click here for the TPN Pledge. (Thanks to Bob...

G’Day World Redux – Vint Cerf, Father of The Internet

Back in May 2007 I was fortunate enough (thanks to Stan Relihan’s efforts) to score an interview with the great Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet. It was a wonderful conversation and definitely one of my favourite interviews. I hope you enjoy it (again)....

Cam Cooks Roast Chicken

Episode 2 of my new show “A Single Man’s Guide To Cooking Up Great Shit” is online. In this episode, I cook an AMAZING roast chicken stuffed with lemon and prosciutto.
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